On streptococcal infections of septic wounds at base hospital.

Paper on the treatment of wounds during the First World War.

Date: Published in 1919.
Publication: 'The Lancet', Volume 2, Pages 49-51

Medical journal 'The Lancet' published this paper by Alexander Fleming and Dr A B Porteous on 12 July 1919.

Fleming and Porteous pose questions of fundamental importance, such as: 'What are the types of streptococci that require to be seriously considered in wound infections?'

The paper outlines some of Fleming's early work, his interest in bacteriology and his experience as a doctor during the war. It also refers to a paper by Douglas, Colebrook and Fleming, not yet published by the Medical Research Committee.

With the paper is an illustration of a plate culture of blood from a septicaemic patient 'taken immediately after being disturbed by being washed.'

At the time of publication, Fleming was a professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.