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(45) Page 41 - Farquharson -- Fleming

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(45) Page 41 - Farquharson -- Fleming
Denny and Dunipace Roll of Honour 41
FARQUHARSON, ALEXANDER, 110 Stirling Street. Private,
A.S.C. No. T/4043062. Joined January 1915.
FARQUHARSON, JAMES, 26 Herbertshire Street. Corporal,
Gordon Hrs. No. 7250. Joined November 1914.
*FERGUS, JAMES B., Stoneywood. Private, Royal Hrs. No.
202722. Joined June 1917. Killed in action.
FERGUS, WILLIAM E., 31 Stirling Street. Private, A. & S. Hrs.
No. 202917. Joined November 1915.
FERGUSON, JAMES, Star Hotel. Sapper, 61st Company R.E.
No. 276496. December 1915.
fFERGUSON, JOHN, Anchor Cottage, Dunipace. Private, 7th
A. & S. Hrs. No. 275267. Joined April 1913. Military
FERGUSON, PETER, Saltpans. Private, M.G.C. No. 30024
Joined June 1915.
FERGUSON, PHILIP, Anchor Cottage, Dunipace. Gunner,
R.G.A. No. 207551. Joined April 1918.
FERGUSON, ROBERT, Poppletrees. Sergt., Canadian Expedi-
tionary Force. No. 105847. Joined December 1915.
FERGUSON, ROBERT, 66 Broad Street. Private, A.V.C. No.
1938. Joined December 1914.
FERGUSON, WILLIAM, Lochridge. Corporal, Machine Gun
Corps. No. 108621. Joined April 1917.
FERGUSON, WILLIAM, Poppletrees. Private, 6th Seaforth Hrs.
No. 285389. Joined April 1917.
FERRARI, GUIDO, 25 Broad Street. Private, H.L.I. No. 67736.
Joined August 1918.
FINLAY, JOHN, East Borland Square. Private, Machine Gun
Corps. No. 6233. Joined July 1915.
FINLAY, LAURENCE, East Borland Square. Gunner, R.G.A.
No. 182997. Joined September 1917.
FISHER, ALEXANDER, 37 Fankerton. Able Seaman, Royal
Navy. No. J/82265. Joined December 1917.
FLEMING, JOHN, Grangeview. Sergt., Cameron Hrs. No.
15759. Joined November 1914. Meritoi-ious Service
FLEMING, WILLIAM, Blaefaulds. Private, 4th Cavalry Field
Ambulance. No. 3870. Reservist.

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