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(41) Page 37 - Dickson -- Duckenfield

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(41) Page 37 - Dickson -- Duckenfield
Denny and Dunipace Roll of Honour 37
DICKSON, DAVID R., 42 Broad Street. L/Corporal, 7th A. & S.
Hrs. No. 275466. Joined August 1914.
DICKSON, JAMES G., 42 Broad Street. Private. 4th Batt. Australian
Infantry. No. 1184. Joined August 1914.
DOCHERTY, DENIS, Tygetshaugh. Private, A. & S. Hrs. No.
28287. Joined July 1918.
DON, WALTER, 38 Glasgow Road. Gunner, R.F.A. No. 142804.
Joined January 1916.
DONALDSON, DAVID, 34 Fankerton. Private, 8/10th Batt.
Gordon Hrs. No. 7110. Joined November 1914. Killed i?i
DONALDSON, EDWIN, 45 Glasgow Road. Private, 1st Camerons.
No. 16694. Joined January 1915.
DONALDSON, JAMES, 34 Broad Street. Private, 9th Gordon
Hrs. No. 12502. Joined July 1915. Killed in action.
DONALDSON, JOHN, Helenslea, Stoneywood. Private, H.L.I.
No. 43291. Joined November 1914.
DONALDSON, JOHN CUMMING, Stoneywood. R.Q.-M. Sergt.,
Durham Light Infantry. No. 100605. Joined June 1915.
DOUGAL, WILLIAM, 163 Wellstrand. Able Seaman, "Hawke"
Batt., R.N.D. No. C.Z./7303. Joined November 1915.
DOUGLAS, FINLAY, 47 Milton Row. Private, Gordon Hrs. No.
30734. Joined June 1918.
DOUGLAS, JAMES, 47 Milton Row. Private, 7th A. & S. Hrs.
No. 1754. Joined September 1914.
DOUGLAS, JOHN, 47 Milton Row. Private, 1st A. & S. Hrs.
No. 6937. Joined September 1914.
DRUMMOND, GEORGE, 6 Dryburgh Terrace. Sergt., 2nd Batt.
A. & S. Hrs. No. 9613. Joined September 1914.
DRUMMOND, JOHN, Brewsterburn Cottage. Gunner, R.G.A.
No. 144974. Joined March 1916.
DRYSDALE, JAMES, Fankerton. Private, A. & S. Hrs. Killed.
DRYSDALE, WILLIAM, Junior, Church Place. Private, Scottish
Horse. No. 3659. Joined 1914.
DUCKENFIELD, JOSEPH, Crummocksteps. Private, 7th A. & S.
Hrs. No. 1300. Joined August 1914.
fDUCKENFIELD, W. W., Crummocksteps. Sapper, R.E. No.
127580. Military Medal and Bar.

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