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(31) Page 27 - Bryson -- Cameron

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(31) Page 27 - Bryson -- Cameron
Denny and Dunipace Roll of Honour 27
BRYSON, JOSEPH K., 113 Stirling Street. Private, Seaforth Hrs.
No. 28796. Joined July 1918.
BRYSON, LEWIS L, 113 Stirling Street. Armourer's Crew, Royal
Navy. No. 15654. Joined June 1915. Killed in action.
BUCHANAN, ARCHIBALD, 177 Stirling Street. Gunner, R.F.A.
No. 660665. Joined May 1915.
BUCHANAN, JAMES, 177 Stirling Street. Able Seaman, R.N.D.
No. 7765. Joined November 1916. Prisoner of war in
BULLOCH, JAMES W., Campbellfield. Private, Labour Corps.
No. 148579. Joined November 1915.
BULLOCH, THOMAS, 38 Milton Row. Private, Labour Corps.
No. 473423. Joined June 1916.
BULLOCH, WILLIAM, The Cross, Denny. Private, l/8th A. & S.
Hrs. No. 20812. Joined May 1917.
BURNIE, WILLIAM, 214 Stirling Street. Private, K.O.S.B. Joined
September 1914.
BURNS, CHARLES, 63 Milton Cottage. Private, Seaforth Hrs.
No. 40591. Joined September 1914. Killed in action.
BURNS, DUNDONALD, 63 Milton Cottage. Private, 1st Gordon
Hrs. No. 44812. Joined April 1918.
BURNS, JAMES, 63 Milton Cottage. Private, Tyneside Scottish.
No. 325562. Joined October 1915.
BURNS, RICHARD, 7 Davies Row. L/Corporal, 2/9th Durham
L.I. No. 80057. Joined November 1914.
BUSBY, DUNCAN McN., Tygetshaugh. L/Corporal, 24th Batt.
Northumberland Fusiliers. No. 42360. Joined November
1915. Killed in action.
BUSBY, JOHN, 38 Milton Row. Private, 8th Royal Hrs. No.
401277. Joined April 1917.
BUSBY, JOHN, 185a Stirling Street. Private, Black Watch. No.
5673. Joined September 1914.
CAMERON, ALEXANDER, 70 Broad Street. Sergt., 7th A. & S.
Hrs. No. 1575. Joined August 1914.
CAMERON, JOHN, 90 Stirling Street. Private, R.A.S.C. No.
405865. Joined September 1914.

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