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(23) Page 19 - Allan -- Ashwood

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(23) Page 19 - Allan -- Ashwood
Denny and Dunipace Roll of Honour 19
ALLAN, WILLIAM, 4 Rosebank Court. Private, Seaforth Hrs.
No. 655257. Joined June 1918.
ALLISON, ALLAN, 23 Broad Street. Private, K.O.S.B. Killed in
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER R., Dryburgh. Petty Officer, E.R.A.
No. 160302. Joined August 1918.
ANDERSON, DAVID, Lochlea. Private, Grenadier Guards. No.
23287. Joined March 1915. Killed in action.
^ANDERSON, GEORGE, 10 West Borland Road. Private, Royal
Scots. No. 38249. Joined October 1916. Killed in
tANDERSON, JOHN, 127 Duke Street. Q.-M. Sergt., 8th Batt.
Royal Hrs. No. 41549. Joined November 1903. Distinguished
Conduct Medal.
ANDERSON, ROBERT G., 13 Stirling Street. Lieutenant, King's
Royal Rifles. Joined August 1914.
ANDERSON, ROBERT, Dryburgh. Sapper, R.E. No. 400578.
Joined November 1915.
ANDERSON, THOMAS, 61 Stirling Street. Private, Dorsets.
No. 12767. Joined January 1915.
ANDERSON, WILLIAM, Union Terrace. Sapper, Motor Cyclist
Co. R.E. No. 288546. Joined November 1915.
ANDERSON, WILLIAM, 14 West Borland Road. Air Mechanic,
R.F.C. No. 116665. Joined 1917.
ANDREW, ANDREW F., Annickvale. Gunner, R.F.A. No. 239428.
Joined February 1916.
ANDREW, GEORGE H., Annickvale. L/Corporal, A.S.C. No.
S/255356. Joined December 1916.
ANDREW, JOHN M'D., Annickvale. A.C.2, R.A.F. No. 268144.
Joined July 1918.
ANDREW, ROBERT, Annickvale. Sergt, H.L.I. No. 240989.
Joined May 1915.
ANDREW, WILLIAM M., Annickvale. Corporal, A.S.C. No.
235609. Joined September 1916.
ARNOTT, HENRY, 2 Fankerton. Pioneer, R.O.D., R.E. No.
W.R./288806. Joined June 1916.
ASHWOOD, WILLIAM, 202 Stirling Street. Bombardier, R.G.A.
No. 26354. Joined February 1907. Killed in action.

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