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(9) Page 5 - Introduction

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(9) Page 5 - Introduction
CENTURY after century this Britain of ours,
Heated hot with burning fears,
And bathed in baths of hissing tears,
And battered with the strokes of doom
To shape and use,
has risen with indomitable spirit, facing every wind, ready to
fight to the death any one who interfered with her in her
determination to see for herself and act for herself.
This "Roll of Honour" is offered as a tribute to the men
of Denny and Dunipace who, through the dark years which
followed August 19 14, went out, inspired by the spirit of their
race, to guard the paths of the sea, to die in the trenches of
France and Flanders, in Egypt, in Mesopotamia, on the barren
rocks of Gallipoli, and elsewhere on the far-flung battle front.
They stood the storm and the strife, and to-day our land is
free of the menace of foreign domination.
The individuals may be forgotten in the years to come,
but what these men did shall live for evermore. They did
not leave their country to founder, and rot, and fall to pieces
— as so many said she was doing. They believed that their
land was worth fighting for — that it was a good land. That
it may be a land worth living in should be the earnest desire
and constant endeavour of all.
Every care has been taken to make the " Roll " complete.
It has been found difficult to trace, and to secure particulars

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