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commended. He was killed in action on 21
March 1918 near Beaumez-les-Cambrai, at the
very outset of the German attack.
His strong, reticent, but magnetic personality
inspired all who knew him with an enduring ad-
miration and affection, and formed an influence
which will not readily pass away.
ROBERTSON, JAMES : Lieutenant-
Colonel, R.A.3I.C. ; son of John Robertson,
cooper ; born Ab e r -
deen, 16 October 1880;
educated Robert
Gordon's College ;
graduated M.B., 1904 ;
M.D., 1908 ; Ch.M.
(Hons.), 1909. He
studied in Dublin and
Berlin and acted as
Clinical Assistant,
Samaritan Free
Hospital, London,
winning high recom-
mendation from such
eminent authorities as Bumin and Nagel of
Berlin, and McCann of the Samaritan Hospital.
An appointment as Medical Officer to the Dooars,
India, gave him valuable experience, and further
increased his reputation by the efficiency with
which he dealt with an extensive outbreak of
cholera. On his return to Aberdeen he set
up in private practice, and was also appointed
Senior Assistant Anaesthetist at the Royal In-
When mobilization orders came in 19 14,
Robertson was a Captain attached to the 2/1 st
Highland Field Ambulance. In May 191 5 he
went to France where he rose rapidly in rank,
commanded the Ambulance, and was mentioned
in Sir Douglas Haig's Dispatch of Christmas
191 7. His death in action near Bapaume on
21 March 1918 cut short a career which had
already done credit to his Alma Mater. Gifted
with a high intelligence, accompanied by un-
quenchable enthusiasm and that possession so
necessary to the true research worker, imagina-
tion, Robertson would have justified the ex-
pectations of those who hoped great things of
his future career.
Lieutenant, Royal Scots ; son of James
Barclay, ship's carpen-
ter ; born Fraserburgh,
20 November 1868 ;
pupil teacher, Fraser-
burgh ; student in Arts,
1893-97 ; Divinity,
1898 ; took the Divin-
ity Course at St. An-
drews University, li-
censed, 1 90 1 ; Assistant
Minister, St. Andrew's
Church, Perth;
Minister in Charge,
St. Mark's Church,
Perth, 1907.
Whilst at Aberdeen. University Barclay joined
the O.T.C. In December 19 15 he enlisted in
the Royal Scots, was commissioned in the 13th
Battalion of the same Regiment, July 19 16, and
went to France in 191 7. Both in the Church
and in the Army Barclay threw himself with- zeal
into the cause in hand. He fell " gallantly leading
on his men" in the battle of Arras, 22 March
6th Battalion The -Black Watch; son of
William Coutts, sani-
tary inspector; born
Ellon, 8 October 1886 ;
educated Ellon H.G.
School; graduated
M.A., 191 2; Science
Master at New Deer
and at Galston, Ayr-
shire; appointed
Headmaster, Port
Elphinstone School,
I 9 I 3- .
During his Univer-
sity career Coutts was
an enthusiastic member of "U" Company, and
enlisted on the outbreak of war, receiving a com-
mission in the 6th Battalion Black Watch in
September 1914. He went with his Battalion
to France in May 19 15, but was invalided
home in July and, after attending several courses

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