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Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders he returned
to France in the following June and was reported
wounded and missing, 31 July 191 7.
tenant, 6th Battalion Seaforth Highland-
ers ; son of Rev. John
Lendrum, M.A., Elgin ;
born Nagpore, 9
October 1895 ; edu-
cated at Elgin Aca-
demy and Aberdeen
University, where he
matriculated in Arts
In September 19 14
he enlisted in the 6th
Seaforth Highlanders,
and crossed with that
Battalion to France,
April 1 915. Commissioned in June he threw
himself with ardour into training for his duties,
and for a time did much good work as an
Instructor. In April 191 7 he joined his old
Battalion on active service in France and was
forthwith engaged in some heavy fighting. During
the great battle of 31 July on the Ypres salient,
while leading his platoon to a further objective,
he was severely wounded and died the following
day, 1 August 191 7. His CO. wrote: "lam
deeply grieved at his death for he was ever a
smart, keen, conscientious and gallant soldier.
On the day of battle he led his men like a hero
and never once flinched." "He fell," says a
brother officer, " accomplishing a piece of work
which has yet further added to the splendid name
of this Battalion."
10th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders ;
son of George Taylor, carpenter and land steward ;
born Halkirk, Caithness, 14 September 1888;
educated at Halkirk Higher Grade School whence
he passed direct to the University in 1907. On
graduating M.A. in 1910 he was appointed As-
sistant English Master in the Gordon Schools,
He was commissioned in the 10th Seaforth
Highlanders in October 19 14, and trained at
Fort George, Cromarty and Tain. In 191 5 he
went overseas with the 8th Seaforths and was for
a period bombing officer to this Battalion.
Invalided home in July
19 1 6 with trench fever,
he acted for a few
months as Assistant
Recruiting Officer in
Aberdeen. In the
spring of 191 7 he went
to France again and
was severely wounded
at Vimy Ridge on 23
April. After making
a partial recovery he
took up duty under the
O. i/c Records, but died
at Dunfermline on 1 August 191 7.
HOWITT, ADAM GORDON : Captain, 12th
Battalion East Surrey Regiment; M.C. ;
son of Adam Howitt,
factor ; born Ellon, 1 1
June 1884; educated
Gordon's College ;
graduated B.Sc. (Agr.),
19 10. He entered the
service of the Potash
Syndicate, and after
spending a time in
their offices in Ger-
many went in 191 2 to
South Africa as their
Director of Propa-
Howitt joined the Cape Town Highlanders
on the outbreak of war, and took part in 1914-
15 in General Botha's Campaign in German
West Africa, rising' from Private to Lieutenant.
On the conclusion of that campaign he came
to England, and in October 191 5 obtained a
commission in the East Surrey Regiment. He
served in Ireland during the rebellion, proceeded
to France in May 1916, and was wounded on
the Somme. After a period at home he re-
turned to France in March 191 7, was awarded
the Military Cross, and promoted Captain for
his services in the Field, June 191 7. "The
success of the raid," runs the official note, " was
due to his good leadership and cool judgment."
He was killed at Hollebeke in the repulse of

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