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popular in the University, in all the activities of
which he took a very keen interest. He gained
the University Diploma in Agriculture in 1914
and then commenced the study of Medicine.
In January 191 6 he enlisted in the Royal Fusi-
liers and was later commissioned in the North-
umberlands. He went to France in June 1916,
and, just after receiving the command of his
company, he was killed on 16 June 191 7.
MILNE, ALLAN SMITH : 2nd Lieutenant,
5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders; son of
George Milne, solic-
itor ; born Aberdeen,
1 August 1879 ; ma_
triculated 1898; M.A.,
1902 ; B. L. (Dist.
Civil Law), 1905; Solic-
itor in Aberdeen, and
served in the firm of
Messrs. Reid &
Davidson, advocates.
Milne was commis-
sioned to the 5th
B at t al ion Gordo n
Highlanders in June
1915, and after nine months of home service he
crossed to France in March 19 16. During the
next nine months he saw much fighting, and was
acting Captain in comma nd of a company when
he was killed in action near Poperinghe, Flanders,
26 June 191 7. At the University Milne was
an enthusiastic athlete, but when the war came
he turned his back on sport and went on the
great adventure overseas, with the same en-
thusiasm as we knew on th e playing fields at
Y.M.C.A. ; son of Alexander Urquhart, mer-
chant ; born Aberdeen, 8 February 1865 ; edu-
cated at the Grammar School ; student in Arts,
1889-92 ; studied for the ministry at the United
Presbyterian Church Divinity Hall, Edinburgh,
1893-96 ; ordained at Burnmouth, Berwickshire,
1898 ; translated to Boston United Free Church,
Jedburgh, 1904, where he was minister at the
time of his death.
In November 191 6 he responded to the call
for ministerial workers in the Y.M.C.A. Huts in
France, and was stationed at Rouen, where he
served till February
19 1 7. The excessive
cold of that winter
brought on disease,
against which he
struggled bravely, and
stuck to his work till
the end of his term of
service. His health,
however, had been per-
manently impaired, and
he died at Oxnam, near
Jedburgh, 29 June
191 7, sincerely
mourned by his congregation and his many
R.A.M.C. ; M.C. ; son of John Peter, factor ;
born Kilmorack, 8
September 1877 ;
M.A., 1898; M.B.,
1903; M. R.C.S.
(Eng.) ; L.R.C.P.
(Loni) ; D . P . H .
(Camb.). At different
times he held the
following appoint-
ments : — Bacterio-
logist and Deputy
M.O.H., Croydon;
Assistant M.O., Brook
and Grove Fever Hos-
pitals, London ; Assistant Medical Superintend-
ent, St. Pancras Infirmary ; and was Medical
Officer, Prestea Hospital, Gold Coast, when war
broke out.
As soon as he was relieved Peter joined the
51st (Highland) Division early in 19 16, and
after a short period with the i/2nd Highland
Field Ambulance was posted as Medical Officer
to the i/6th Seaforths, with which unit he served
until his death. He quickly gained a reputation
as one of the best regimental medical officers in
the Division, keen, gallant and conscientious in
the discharge of his duties. He was awarded
the Military Cross for gallantry under fire at the
Battle of Beaumont Hamel on 13 November,

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