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on garrison duty at home and on active service
in France, Merson showed much ability and de-
votion and received from his CO. the testimony
that he had "proved himself to be an extra-
ordinarily good officer ". He was killed in
action in France, 3 May 191 7.
4th Battalion East
OGILYIE : Captain,
Kent Regiment (The
Buffs) ; son of John
O. Taylor, shipmaster;
born Aberdeen, 29
November 1884.
Educated at the Aber-
deen Grammar School
and Aberdeen Uni-
versity. He graduated
M.A. in 1910, and
became English Master
in Basingstoke Gram-
mar School.
In April 19 1 5 he
joined the Inns of
Court O.T.C., from which he received a com-
mission in The Buffs. In October 1916 he
went to the Front with his Battalion, and was
attached to the Middlesex Regiment. He was
killed in action at Monchy-le-Preux, on 3 May
191 7. Popular with his fellow-officers and
beloved by his men, his death was felt as an
irreparable loss. He was a man of fine literary
taste, and in his College days a great supporter
of a dramatic club for the study of Shakespeare.
The breadth of his interests and sympathies, the
wider outlook which much travel in France and
Germany had given him, made his friendship a
privilege and a delight.
Lance-Corporal, 46th Saskatchewan
(Canadian) Regiment; son of John W.
Thomson, schoolmaster; born Turriff, 13 June
1885. Educated at Turriff; graduated M.A.
with Classical Honours in 1907. He was a
schoolmaster at Dufftown and Huntly ; but be-
fore long left this country for Canada.
In October 19 15 he crossed to England with
the Canadian contingent, and soon after went
to France. He was wounded the following
year, and killed in action, 5 May 191 7. Some-
one has written of Thomson as " the Scholar
Gipsy of our Northern University ". He loved
life more than books,
and books as they
illustrated life. A
good companion and
a good friend, full of
gay high spirits and
quaint humour, a con-
stitutional heretic and
lover of freedom, he
could not cramp his
mind in the fetters of
conventional school
teaching. His passion
for the open country of
adventure drove him out to look for life in the
woods and along the great river-ways of Canada.
There he mixed with men of all sorts and still
found life "a changeful and a cheerful page"; until
at the outbreak of war he heard the summons of
the greatest adventure of all — an adventure which
was duty and discipline as well ; and to which he
gave his life with that gaiety of courage which
had been his always.
Garrison Artillery ;
Lieutenant, Royal
son of James Masson,
fisherman; born
Fraserburgh, 20 Octo-
ber 1 89 1 ; educated
Fraserburgh Academy.
He came to Aberdeen
with a splendid record
in 1909, and graduated
M.A. with First Class
Honours in Classics,
191 3. Shortly after-
wards he was appointed
Classical Master at
Thurso Academy.
Enlisting in April 19 16 he joined the R.G.A. T
serving at Edinburgh, London, AVinchester.
Before going to France he received his com-
mission. He was only a short time in France
when he was fatally wounded near Arras, 8
May 191 7.
Some men at the very outset of their career
leap into prominence and live in the limelight

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