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ardent spirit and high sense of duty led him to
seek service with a fighting unit. Despite ob-
jections and difficulties raised by authorities in
Jersey, who wished to retain his services in the
island, with the help of the Governor, he trans-
ferred with the Foreign Service Company of the
Militia to the Royal Irish Rifles, with which he
served first in Ireland and then in England. He
proceeded to France in 191 5 and was killed in
action at Hulluch on 3 April 19 16.
DUGUID, JAMES : 2nd Lieutenant, 7th
Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment ;
son of Frank Duguid,
blacksmith ; born Old
Deer, 13 December
1893; educated at
Banchory and Gordon's
College, Aberdeen ;
entered the University
in October 1912;
student in Arts and
Agriculture, 191 2-14.
By nature quiet and
reserved, he was a very
capable student, deeply
interested in scientific
He enlisted in the R.A.M.C. previous to the
war, and was called up in August 19 14, later he
was transferred to the R.A. Veterinary Corps.
In spring 191 5 he was sent to Egypt and later
in that year obtained a commission in the North
Staffordshire Regiment. He went to the Darda-
nelles with his Regiment in the summer of 191 5,
and, on returning to Cairo, sailed in March for
Mesopotamia where he was killed in action on 9
April 19 1 6.
Private, R.A.M.C. ; son of Rev. William
Watt, minister, Strathdon ; born there, 1 1
August 1896; educated at the Public School,
Strathdon. He was prepared by his father for
the University and was also for a short time
at Gordon's College ; he matriculated in April
1914, was a student in Medicine for little over
a year, and showed his mental worth by taking
good places in Botany and Physics.
In November 1 9 1 5 Watt enlisted in " K " Com-
pany, R.A.M.C, not that war, as such, had any
attraction for him, but simply from a sense of
duty. After six months'
training at Aldershot,
he was chosen, as a
Medical student, to go
to Cambridge for a
three months' course
in Bacteriology previous
to his being sent abroad
in the Sanitary Section
of the R.A.M.C. This
was never carried out,
for he succumbed to
serious illness, and died
in hospital at Aldershot,
26 April 19 1 6, at the early age of 19. Watt
was a good student, of a lovable disposition,
with a " saving sense of humour," and at the
back of it there was a strong sense of duty
carried with him from his boyhood spent among
his native hills and glens.
Surgeon, R.N. ; son of Lieut. -Colonel William
Center, I.M.S. (M.B.
(Aberd.), 1865) ; born
28 January 1 87 1 ; edu-
cated Aberdeen Gram-
mar School ; student in
Medicine, 188 9-9 o ;
M.B., CM. (Ed in.),
1893; M. R. C. S.,
L. R. C. P. (L o n d.),
1896; studied also at
Strassburg and Berlin.
In 1896 Center
joined the Royal Navy
and held many appoint-
ments at home and abroad, serving at the Cape,
in the Mediterranean ; and in Australian waters.
In 191 1 he qualified as a German interpreter and
in 1 91 2 was promoted Fleet-Surgeon. In the
following year he was commissioned to H.M.S.
"Russell," the flagship of Rear-Admiral Free-
mantle, in which he served during the war in
the North Sea 1914-15, and in the Medi-
terranean from November 19 15 till his death.
On 27 April 19 16, the "Russell" struck a mine
and sank. Center was among those who were.

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