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(36) Page 20 - 25 September, 1915
outbreak of war, and in September 19 14
gazetted to the 4th Gordons with whom he
went to France in Feb-
ruary 19 1 5. He led
his platoon into action
at Hooge on 25 Sep-
tember 1915 and had
reached the third line
of German trenches
when he was wounded.
He was later reported
wounded and missing
on that date. His
Commanding Officer
wrote: "The courage
andpluck shown byhim
and his men that day are beyond words of mine."
INKSTER, WALTER: 2nd Lieutenant,
4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders ; son of
James Inkster, ship-
master ; born Aber-
deen, 27 February
1890; educated Ash-
ley Road School and
Aberdeen G r a m m a r
School. In 1908 he
went to the University
with a good record
both in work and ath-
letics, graduated M.A.,
191 1 ; and after taking
his B.Sc. in Agricul-
ture, 191 2, went to
work for the Potash Syndicate in Germany.
In December 191 3 a good appointment in
Australia was offered to him, and the outbreak
of war found him beginning his career there.
By 8 March 191 5 he was back in Scotland
and a Private in the 4th Gordons ; in April he
received a commission in the same Battalion ;
and in May crossed to France. A few months
later he came home on leave, and a week after
rejoining his Battalion, he fell at Hooge, in the
terrible days of fighting of September 19 15. At
first reported "wounded and missing," there was
little doubt that he had died of wounds received
in action on or about the 25 th of the month.
Full of spirit and gaiety, cheerfully ready for
any contingency and any adventure, with a
humour as quick of expression in the art of
caricature as in speech, courageous and lovable,
he was a friend whose place can never be filled to
the many who cared for and counted upon him.
LOW, GEORGE: 2nd Lieutenant,
4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders ;
son of William Low,
baker; born Dyce, 20
January 1892 ; edu-
cated-Robert Gordon's
College ; entered the
University in 191 o as
nth Bursar; gradu-
ated M.A. in I9i4,with
First Class Honours in
Classics, gaining the
Dr. Black Prize in
Latin. "A student of
sterling capacity and
character" is his Pro-
fessor's testimony.
At the outbreak of war he was a Sergeant in
" U " Company, 4th Battalion Gordon High-
landers, and did much valuable work at Bedford
as musketry instructor. Crossing to France with
the Battalion in March 1915, he was shortly
afterwards promoted Company Sergeant Major.
In August 1915 he received his commission and
came home on short leave. He was recalled to
take part in the attack at Hooge, 25 September
191 5, from which he did not return. He was
last seen surrounded by the enemy, but fighting
with the utmost determination. Few were more
regretted, for his kindly good-nature com-
mended him to all.
vate, 4th Battalion
Gordon Highland-
ers ; son of R. Mac-
Lennan, Rector,
Grammar School, Gran-
town-on-Spey ; born
Kingussie, 17 Novem-
ber 1896 ; educated at
Grantown Grammar
School, of which he
was Dux ; entered the
University in 19 14 with
a Redhythe Bursary.

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