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(21) Page 5 - 30 April - 18 May, 1915
At the outbreak of war Gordon was on fur-
lough. He at once entered the Special Reserve
of Officers, and received a commission in the
1 2th Royal Lancers. On 30 April 191 5 he
fell in action in France. His Indian record was
one of courage and character, and gave promise
of even greater distinction than he had already
achieved. The Lieutenant-Governor of the
Province, in a letter to the " Punjab Gazette,"
recalls the difficult and dangerous situations
which he had had to face in the pursuance of
his duty, and which he had always met with
intrepid coolness; and speaks of him as "a
gallant officer and a fearless gentleman ".
4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders ; son
of George Knowles,
Aberdeen ; born Aber-
deen, 26 February
1 89 1 ; educated at the
Grammar School;
graduated M. A., 1912 ;
entered the U.Fr Col-
lege in the same year
and continued his
studies there till the
outbreak of AVar.
In October 19 14 he
rejoined "U" Com-
pany, 4th Gordon
he had served in his
student days. Though his health was not robust,
Knowles stuck to soldiering and had just re-
joined the Battalion from hospital the day before
his death. He was the first of trie U.F.
College students to enlist and the first to fall,
being killed by a sniper's bullet in the neigh-
bourhood of Ypres oh 5 May 1915.
His genial sunny temperament made Knowles
a favourite with his fellow-students. His ex-
ceptional gifts as an elocutionist, combined with
his scholarship, pointed to a distinguished career
as a preacher. He was an active and successful
worker in the Mission carried on by the U.F.
students in the East end of Aberdeen.
Battalion Gordon Highlanders ; son of
Edward J. Crichton, Banchory ; born Banchory,
10 October 1896; educated there and entered
Highlanders, in which
the University as a student in Agriculture, 1913.
His bright and
cheery nature was al-
ready making him very
popular among his fel-
low-students when, as
a member of " U "
Company, 4th Gor-
dons, he was mobilized
in August 1 9 14. In
February 19 15 he went
overseas with his unit,
one of the youngest
students in* the com-
pany. He was killed
in action on 7 May 1915 at Kemmel, Belgium,
and lies in the Gordon Cemetery there along
with many other members of " U " Company.
Private, Cameron
Highlanders; son
of John MacKinnon,
Yachtsman; born
Applecross, 16 August
1895 ; educated H. G.
School, Kingussie ; ma-
triculated in agricul-
ture 1 91 3, and studied
for the University Dip-
loma in Agriculture.
At the outbreak of
AVar he joined the 4th
Cameron Highlanders,
later proceeded to France, and was killed at
Festubert, 18 May 1915.
Lieutenant, 3rd
Dragoon Guards ;
son of Charles Smith,
merchant ; born Aber-
deen, 6 August 1883;
educated Aberdeen
Grammar School ; ma-
triculated in Agricul-
ture, 1900. After
spending a short time
in the Agricultural De-
partment he obtained
a commission in the

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