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McPherson (Banff), Mr. Hyslop, Dr. D. I. Walker, Dr. Rorie, Dr. I. G. Innes,
Mr. Gibson (Stornoway), Mr. Watt (Dingwall), Dr. Smith (of the Training-
Centre), and Col. Fleming (Keith). Professor Hendrick undertook to supply
biographies of all among the Fallen who were connected with the Agricultural
Department of the University, in number some 48 ; this was a great help, and I
am most grateful for his ever ready assistance. Professor Selbie not only con-
tributed biographies of all who had attended the United Free Church College,
but also gave considerable time to proof-reading, for which he has my warm
thanks. Others whom I should like to mention with gratitude, for the valuable
help they gave to the work, are : Pfofessor Reid, Professor Harrower, Professor
Macdonald, Rev. Alex. Miller (Buckie), Dr. J. F. Christie, Mr. A. C. Morrison,
Mr. Edward Watt and Dr. J. O. Wilson (Huntly); and there are others
whose interest, encouragement and sympathy have lightened my labour.
I have been singularly fortunate in those who have worked along with me,
Miss H. Ogilvie, Miss N. W r ilson, Miss Bisset, Miss A. Christie, Miss Cook,
and others, and I am glad to have this opportunity of expressing my gratitude
for their loyalty, enthusiasm and perseverance.
To edit this Roll has been an honour and a privilege. No effort has been
spared in trying to make it accurate and worthy, but none can be more con-
scious of its shortcomings than the editor — the ideal is always a hand's breadth
beyond one's grasp-

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