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(13) [Page vii] - Editor's preface
THIS volume is designed to be a permanent Record of the part played
by Members of the University of Aberdeen in the Great War. It has
for its basis the Four Provisional Rolls of Service compiled by the
Principal during the years of the War ; these were necessarily incomplete, but
they formed the foundation of the present work.
The Record falls into two parts, the In Memoriam Roll and the Roll of
Service. The first part contains the names of those who gave their lives in the
War, numbering 341, together with a short biographical notice of each, and
wherever possible a portrait : in all 335 portraits have been obtained. The
short biographies have been contributed by near relatives or intimate friends,
or have been compiled from accounts which were considered reliable. They
appear in chronological order according to the date of death, so that the names of
those who fell side by side stand together on the printed page. The second part
contains the names of Graduates, Alumni and Students, numbering 2,852, who
went on Service — -whether in the Navy, or in the Army, or in the Air Force — or
who did work of national importance arising out of the War. It includes Students
whose names stand on the books of the University up to the Summer Session
of 1920. The information given was supplied in response to a form which was
widely circulated and in most cases is the writer's own report of his or her
service, but edited so as to give a certain amount of uniformity. No index is
required, as all the names appear in the Roll of Service arranged alphabetically ;
those of the Fallen are in Tudor type, followed in each case by a reference to
the page on which the biographical notice appears in the In Memoriam Roll.
The two Appendices contain the names of Officials of the University who
rendered War Service, and of civilian prisoners of war.
Much valuable assistance has been accorded me. I have first to thank
the War Memorial Record Sub-Committee, including Mr. P. J. Anderson
and Mr. Theodore Watt, whose expert knowledge as regards paper, type,
binding and illustrations was specially valuable. Amongst those who contri-
buted biographical notices, were chiefly the Principal, Professor Cowan, Pro-
fessor Davidson, Professor Baillie, Professor Grierson, Principal Stewart, Dr.

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