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BANNERMAN, John (Jun.). No. 29187, Pte., Seaforth Highlanders and 2 /4th Black Watch;
born at Elgin, 13th Oct., 1885 ; joined at Elgin, 22nd August, 1916. Son of John Banner-
man, St. Margarets, Elgin, and Margaret McGarth or Bannerman. Occupation, seed merchant.
BARRON, Charles. No. 10282, Pte., Seaforth Highlanders ; born at Rothes, 21st April, 1879 ;
joined at Fort George, Oct. 16th, 1916. Son of Charles Barron (deceased), and Margaret
Grant or Barron. Occupation, under forester.
BARRON, James. No. 170992, Pte., Royal Garrison Artillery ; born at Elgin, 21st April, 1890 ;
joined at Elgin, 1st August, 1917. Son of James and Abigail Barron, Union Street, Elgin.
Occupation, asylum attendant.
BARBOUR, John. No. 1827, Pte., i/6th Seaforths ; born at Collie Farm, Morayshire, 7th Nov.„
1895 ; joined at Elgin, 2nd Sept., 1914. Son of James Barbour, Salmon Station, Lossiemouth,
and Annie Longmore or Barbour. Occupation, tailor.
BARBOUR, Mary. Sister, Q.A.I.M.N.S. ; born at Stotfield, Lossiemouth, 31st August, 1890 ;
joined at Aberdeen, July, 1916. Daughter of John and Jessie Barbour, 53, King Street,.
Lossiemouth. Occupation, nurse.
BAUCHOP, Jean. V.A.D. Nurse ; born at Dundee, 28th June, 1886, residing in Forres since
childhood. Daughter of James and Flora Bauchop, 76, High Street, Forres.
BAXTER, Frances E. V.A.D. ; born at Banff, 25th July, 1896 ; joined at Elgin, 23rd Dec,
1916 ; served in Gray's Hospital and Braemorriston Hospital, Elgin, and R.N. Hospital,.
Larbert. Daughter of Daniel (deceased) aad Emily Baxter.
BAXTER, Hilda C. V.A.D. ; born at Banff, 2nd April, 1898 ; joined at Elgin, 23rd Dec, 1916 ;
served in Gray's Hospital and Braemorriston Hospital, Elgin, and Gordon Castle. Daughter
of Daniel (deceased) and Emily Baxter.
BEANGE, Robert. No. 283998, 3rd Air Mechanic, Royal Flying Corps ; born at Inverness, 28th
Nov., 1900 ; joined at Inverness, 9th August, 1918. Son of Robert (deceased) and Mary
Beange. Occupation, cabinetmaker.
BEATON, James John. No. 588584, Pte., 79th T.R.B. and H.L.L ; born in Ross-shire, 12th
Dec, 1889 ; joined at Nairn, 16th Nov., 1916. Son of Mrs. Beaton. Occupation, farm servant.
BEATTIE, James. No. 27750, Pte., 4th Seaforth Highlanders ; born at New Elgin, 29th June,
1899 ; joined at Inverness, 12th June, 1918. Son of James and Jessie Beattie, Marchside,
Lhanbryde. Occupation, farm servant.
BEATTIE, William. No. 87734, Sgt., R.A.M.C. ; born at West Calder, Mid Lothian, 28th March,
1882, residing in Morayshire since 1912 ; joined at Fort George, 4th Sept., 1916. Son of
Thomas Beattie, West View, Howdenshall, Liberton, Mid Lothian. Occupation, sanitary
BECKETT {nee THOMASON), Bessie Drummond. Deputy Assistant Commandant, W.R.A.F. ;
born at Laggan House, Parish of Knockando, Nov. 3rd, 1870 ; served with National Service
Head Office, Jan., 1917 to June, 1917, Women's Police, June, 1917, to Dec, 1917, Women's
Royal Naval Service, Jan., 1918, to July, 1918, and W.R. Air Force, July, to present date ;
served in London, Gretna, Gorleston, Harwich, Leamington, and Cambridge. Daughter of
Charles Simeon Thomason, late R.E., Bengal, and Ellen Fanshawe D. Boiseagon de-
ceased) ; wife of Lieut.-Col. W. T. C. Beckett, D.S.O., V D., R.E. Occupation, lecturer on
music and musical history.
BISSET, Coijna. V.A.D. Nurse ; born at Fraserburgh, 1866, residing in Forres for four years ;
joined at Forres, 1916. Daughter of John Bisset, Fraserburgh, and Jane Johnston or Bisset.
BLACK, Helen Gordon. Commandant, Lhanbryde V.A.D. ; born at Elm Grove, Elgin, 7th
June, 1874 ; joined at Lhanbryde, April, 1913 ; mentioned in despatches. Daughter of
James and E. G. Black, Sheriffston, Elgin.
BLACK, John. No. 65329, Pte., 21st H.L.L Training Btn. ; born at Forres, 13th August, 1898 ;
joined atlnverness, 30th May, 1918. Son of William (deceased) and Wilina Black, Springfield,.
Forres. Occupation, ploughman.

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