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(149) Page 129 - North Tolsta

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(149) Page 129 - North Tolsta
1 MACDONAiD— *JOHN, R.N.R.; drowned in the "Iolaire"
disaster, 1st Jan., 1919, aged 42. (Son of Mr John Macdonald,
No. 16-) Left four motherless children. JOHN, R.N.R. ; was
interned in Holland , 1914 Star. MURDO, R.N.R. ; a member
of the R.N.R. Team winning the Rowing Cup in 1916- Saved
fiom H.M.S. "Iolaire." (Sons of Mr John Macdonald).
2 MACINNES— JOHN, R.N.R.; saved from the "Iolaire." *NOR-
MAN, R.N.R.; lost with H.M. Yacht "Conqueror II.," 26th
September, 1916, aged 25. (Sons of Mr Murdo Machines).
MURRAY— *MURDO, Sergt.. Seaforths; killed in action in France
October, 1916, aged 23- (Son of Mr John Murray).
CAMPBELL— DONALD. Canadians; wounded. NEIL, Canadians ;
wounded. JOHN, R.N.R. *ALEXANDER, Seaforths; killed
in action, 19th May, 1915, aged 19. KENNETH, R.N.R.
MALCOLM. R.N.R. (T). (Sons of Mr Kenneth Campbell).
3 NICOLSON— *JOHN, Gordons; killed in action, 16th April, 1917,
aged 19. JOHN, R.N.R. (Sons of Mr Murdo Nicolson).
MACLEOD *DONALD, R.N R. (T.) ; drowned in the "Iolaire"
disaster, aged 20- Had served 3 years in foreign waters.
4 MACIVER— TORQUIL, Gordons; wounded 1914 and discharged
1915. ALEXANDER, R.N.R.; was interned in Holland; 1914
Star. (Sons of Widow Maciver).
MURRAY— ALLAN, R.N.R. *DONALD, R.N.R.; drowned March,
1915- *ALEXANDER, R.N.R. (T.) ; drowned in H.M. Trawler
"Neptunian" in collision at sea off Larne, Ireland, 26th Oct.,
1918, aged 19. (Sons of Mr Allan Murray, above).
6 MACLEOD— ANGUS (Angus), R.N.R. (T.).
MACLEOD— *ANGUS, Gordons; killed in action in France, 1st
July, 1916, aged 24. Had been at front since 1914- WILLIAM,
R.N.R. ; survivor from H.M.S. "Triumph." (Sons of Mr Nor-
man Macleod).
8 MORRISON— *JOHN, R.N.R.; diowned in the "Iolaire" disaster,
aged 25- (Only Son of Mr Kenneth Morrison).
9 MACDONALD— *MURDO, Seaforths; died of wounds, 30th April,
1917, aged 21- Went to France in 1914, ?nd was wounded in
1915. TORQUIL, R.N.R.; was interned in Holland; 1914
Star. (Sons of Mr John Macdonald).
NICOLSON— ANGUS, R.N.R DONALD, R.N.R.; a member of
the R.N.R. Team winning Rowing Cup in 1916. *JOHN, 1st
Gordons; died of wounds, 28th Feby., 1915, aged 19- (Sons
of Mr Alexander Nicolson).
10 MACIVER— RODERICK, R.N.R.; rescued from a torpedoed ship.
FINLAYSON—*ALEXANDER, Gordons and Royal Scots; killed
in action in Palestine, December, 1917, aged 23. WILLIAM.
Canadians. (Sons of Mrs Alexander Finlayson).
H MACIVER— ANGUS, R.N.R.; was interned in Holland; 1914 Star.
JOHN, R N.R. EVANDER, R.N.R. (Sons of Mr Norman
Maciver) . j
12 MACLEOD— *DONALD, Sergt., Gordons; killed in action, 16th
May, 1915, aged 25- (Son of Mr John Macleod:.
MACDONALD— *JOHN, R.N R. ; invalided home and died there,
31st May, 1916, aged 41- (Son of Mr J. Macdonald (Buidhe).
Left widow and seven, children.
13 CAMPBELL— DONALD, R.N.R.; was interned in Holland; 1914
Star. ANGUS, R.N.R. (T.) : saved from H.M S. "Calgarian"
when torpedoed. (Sons of Widow Campbell).
14 MACIVER— ALEXANDER, Seaforths. JOHN, Gordon High-
landers invalided. (Father and Son).
15 MORRISON— ANGUS, R.N.R.; was interned in Holland; 1914
Star. ALEXANDER, R.N.R. (T.) ; invalided 1917- (Sons of
Murdo Morrison) .
16 MACDONALD— MURDO (Sen.), R.N.R. MURDO (Jun.), R.N.R.
(Sons of Mr John Macdonald).
MACDONALD— JOHN, R.N.R.; discharged 1918-
interned in Holland, 1914 Star. (Sons of Mr Angus Mackay).
17 URQUHART— JOHN, Farrier, R.M.B. KENNETH, Seaforths;
one o; the survivors from 51st Division, March, 1918-
MACIVER— *DONALD, R.N.R.; drowned in 1915- Left widow
and two children. ANGUS, Leading Sea-man, R.N.R.; served
on H.M.S. "Macedonia" at Falklands Battle. (Brother of
18 MACIVER— MURDO, R.N.R.; ship torpedoed; rescued after
spending 33 hours en raft.
19 MACIVER— MURDO, R.N.R.; invalided March, 1915.
CAMPBELL— JOHN, Labour Corps; invalided Sept., 1918.
20 MACLEOD— ANGUS, R.N.R. (T.). (Son of Mr John Macleod).
MACLEOD— ANGUS, Seaforths. JOHN, Corpl., Seaforths (M.G.
Section) , awarded Military Medal and Croix de Guerre for
conspicuous bravery in action. *J0HN, Lee. -Corpl., Gordons;
killed in action at battle of the Somme, 1st July, 1916, aged 22.
RODERICK, Seafoiths; wounded and on another occasion
miraculously escaped fatal wound from bullet which lodged in
his pocket Testament. (Father and three Sons).
21 MARTIN— JOHN, Leading Stoker, R.N.R.

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