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(105) Page 85 - Matheson Road
1st November, 1914- (Son of Donald Mackenzie, police pen-
sioner, now residing at Laxa} ;.
4 MaCDONALD— *JOHN. R.M.B. ; wounded at Dardanelles, 25th
Mas', and died at Alexandria, 2nd June, 1915- Aged 39 years.
5 MACRITCHIE— DONALD J., R.M.B. ; wounded.
MACDONALD— *KENXETH X., Royal Highlanders of Canada;
killed in acnon in France, 14th March, 1915- Aged 35. JOHX,
R.G.A. (Sons of Mrs Neil Macdonald).
6 MACIVER— ALEX. J.. Lance-Corpl., Canadian Engineer; ALEX.
D., R.M.B MALCOLM, Canadian Engineers WILLIAM,
R.M.B. (Sous of Mi William Maciver, baker).
12 MACARTHUR— *DONALD, ls<- Scots Guards; killed in action at
Loos, 27th September, 3915. Aged 26 years MARION,
Sister, Territorial Force Nursing Service ; served in Scottish
General Hospital, Stobhill, Glasgow; TINA, Nurse, Northum-
berland War Hospital, Gosforth. (Sou and Daughters of Mr
Norman Maearthur, tailor and clothier).
14 XICOLSOX— *ALEXAXDFR DAX, Carpenter, Australian Navy;
died in hospitai at Melbourne, 25th May, 1915. Aged 30 years.
*JOHX MURDO, Second Officer, Mercantile Marine; drowned
on S S. "Normandiet," 21st April, 1918- Ag e d 33 years.
*ROBERT N. Corpl., Seaforths ; killed in action in France, 11th
April. 1918- Aged 31 years. (Three Sons of late Robert
Nicolson, Plantation Road).
16 MACLENNAN *MURDO, 7th Seaforths; wounded 25th Septem-
ber, and died 26th September, 1915, aged 28 years. WILLIAM,
Seaforths. JOHN, R.N.R. iT.) (Sons of Mr John Maclennan).
13 MACKENZIE— KENNETH, Canadians. HENRY, R.N.D. ; twice
viounded. MURDO. (Sons of the late Mr Kenneth Mackenzie).
20 MACGREGOR—NORMAN, Senior Gunner, R.N.R.
MORRISON— W. J., Ammunition Column, l/4th Highland Moun-
tain Brigade. ALEXANDER D., R.N.R. (T.). (Sons of Mr
Alexander Morrison, joiner).
MACLENNAN— I., Seaforths.
MACDERMID— NEIL, Irish Rifles; wounded. ANGUS, U.S.
Army. (Sons of Mr Donald Macdermid, joiner).
23 SMITH— MALCOLM, Seaforths.
MACIVER— KENNETH A., 2/Lieut., 4th Seaforths. (Son of ex-
Police Sergt. John Maciver).
Matheson Road.
1 MACLEOD— *WILLIAM, Seaforths; killed in action in France,
16th May, 1917- (Son of late Mr Wm. Macleod, photographer).
PAYNE, WILLIAM J., Breutor House, Surgeon Sub-Lieutenant,
MACLEAN— MURDO, M.C., Orinsay Villa, Lieut., R.F.A. ; joined
R.M.B. September, 1914; transferred to Ammunition Column
High. Mtd. Bde., and went to France with the 51st Division ;
wounded in 1916 > transferred to Trench Mortars ; came home
and got commission in the R.F.A. and went with the 7th Divi-
sion to Italy, where he served till demobilisation in March,
1G19. Was awarded the Military Cross for his work as liason
officer during the crossing of the Piave and subsequent attacks,
the decoration being conferred by Earl Cavan on the field. (Son
of ex-Provost Maclean).
MACKENZIE— COLIN S., Park House, Corpl., R.M.B.; went
through Gallipoli campaign and served in Egypt; discharged on
medicai grounds. (Son of Mr C. G. Mackenzie, P.F.)
MACKENZIE— ALEXANDER J, Ferulea, Lieut., R.N.V.R., Com
manding Officer of "Marguerite" O. 154; awarded Distinguished
Service Cross ''for great gallantry and valuable services ren-
dered on the occasion of a successful action fought by him
against enemy submarines on the 22nd December, 1917- In
the face of tremendous odds, and under the most difficult cir-
cumstances he handled and fought his ship in a most praise-
worthy manner, destroying one of the enemy and bringing safely
back to port a valuable convoy." Was decorated by H.M. the
King. KENNETH J., Cadet, H.M. Transport "Mahai." (Sons
of Mr Kenneth Mackenzie).
MACASKILL— JOHN, Lance-Corpi., 4th V.B. (Midlothian) Royal
Scots. MURDO, Engineer-Lieut., Mercantile Marine. WIL-
LIAM, Sergt., U.S. Army. COLIN, R.E. ALLAN, Engineer-
Lieut., Mercantile Marine. DUNCAN, Corpl., R.E. ; awarded
Military Medal. IVOR, R F.A. (Seven sons of Mr John
Macaskill, who himself also served on the local Tribunal).
NICOLSON— Major THOMAS, T.D. In command of Stornoway
Territorials who formed the Left Half of the Ross Mountain
Battery. Wounded at the Dardanelles, 29th June, 1915. Later
commanded 2nd Ross Batteiy Invalided out on account of
ill-health caused by wounds, Feb., 1919.
MACIVER— DONALD, Mormonadh, Gordons.
MACGREGOR— *MATTHEW, M.M., Cairn Dhu, 5th Scottish
Rifles; awaided M.M.: killed in action 22nd July, 1918- Aged

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