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(38) Photographs -
*Mm-do Mackay, R.N.R.,
50 Lower Garrabost,
(Drowned, 25th September. 1915).
*Johu Stewart, R.N.R.,
26 Upper Bayble.
(Drowned 31st May, 1917)
R.-S.-M. Donald Smith, 1st Seaforths,
awarded D.C.M. and promoted at Givenehy,
December, 1914.
*Mnrdo Maesween, Seaforths,
8 Lower Garrabost.
(Died in Hospital, 15th July, 1916).
"Corpl. Donald Maeleod, Seaforths,
Lower Bayble
(Killed 9th May, 1915)-
*Donald Montgomery, Camerons,
29 Lower Garrabost.
(Killed 28th January, 1917).

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