Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s


Super at Saltoun

Increased concern for form and ritual led the well-to-do to devise plans stipulating when and where each dish should be placed on the table.

Diagrams such as this table plan for supper from Saltoun Hall in East Lothian first appeared in 17th century French cookery books.

The dishes for each course were placed on the table at once and diners generally helped themselves. Dinner was the main meal of the day, with two courses — mostly of soup, meats and fish.

Supper was a lighter one-course meal, with vegetable and dessert dishes as well as meat and fish.

This plan for a supper at Saltoun includes a 'Frigace of mushrooms' and a dish of artichokes

Plan of dishes to be laid on table

Table plan for supper, from the recipes of the Fletcher of Saltoun family, 18th century. By permission of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun.

Culinary and household recipes of the Fletcher of Saltoun family, 18th century [Library reference: MS.17853]