Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Soups and broths

Soup for invalids

In the days before pharmacies, housewives were responsible for providing ointments, pills and syrups for a range of ailments as well as nutritious dishes for the table.

Manuscript recipe books reflect the concerns of the compiler. Anne Susannah Hope's personal collection of recipes of 1786 is typical of the time, and includes medical as well as culinary recipes.

Her 'Strengthening broth' was based on a 'knuckle of veal', lean beef, egg whites, onions and seasonings. She writes that 'some people like garlick in the Room of onion'.

Tried and tested recipes for invalids were passed between households. Anne Susannah Hope notes that Miss Baxter gave her this recipe.

Published recipe books by professional chefs tend not to mix culinary and medical recipes although they give dishes for the sick.

Handwritten recipe page

Anne Susannah Hope's recipe for 'Strengthening broth'

Anne Susannah Hope's recipe book, 1786. [Library reference: MS.20776].

Soups and broths