Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Soups and broths

Soup in a tin

In 1879, American food company Campbells invented condensed soup in a tin, and others followed. When Heinz first sold canned soups they were marketed as luxury items suitable for serving to guests.

Baxters began producing a range of quality soups from 1929.

Canned soups later became a cheap convenience food.

'Lived on tinned soup … until I found a third publisher who was solvent … Have rather gone off soup since'.
— Typescript for 'Curriculum vitae', Muriel Spark, around 1953. [Library reference: Acc.10989/190]

Poster advertising Maconochie's soups

Maconochie's Soup poster, 1940s. [Library reference: Pos.Box.la2[119]]

Soups and broths