Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Oatmeal and bread

A miracle food

Until at least the 19th century, many Scots workers relied on porridge and oatcakes in their diet.

They would eat porridge for breakfast and have oatmeal cakes during the day. The nutritious oats gave them energy to work long hours in the fields and towns.

A & R Scott started making Scott's Midlothian Oat Flour in Glasgow in 1880. The brothers adopted the trademark 'Scott's Porage Oats' in 1914.

Today porridge has been hailed a 'miracle food', capable of regulating the blood levels of both fats and sugar.

Kilted Scotsman on porridge oats advert

'Home cooking with Scott's Porage Oats: delicious recipes to include in everyday cooking for you and your family'. A & R Scott, Cupar, 1980s. [Library reference: SP2.88.310]

Oatmeal and bread