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Oatmeal and bread

Adelaide sandwiches

Around 1762, the Earl of Sandwich is said to have asked for meat between two pieces of bread as a convenient way to eat at the gaming table without using cutlery.

Mrs Anstruther, in her recipe book, notes that her Adelaide sandwiches came 'from Lainshaw' — probably Lainshaw House in Ayrshire.

Her recipe owes much to Charles Elmé Francatelli, cook to Queen Victoria. His small round 'Adelaide sandwiches' — included in 'The cook's guide, and housekeeper's & butler's assistant' of 1861 — were appetisers.

Today sandwiches are widely eaten as a convenient lunch-time snack.

Handwritten recipe for 'Adelaide sandwiches'

'Adelaide sandwiches' from Mrs Anstruther's Recipe Book

Mrs Anstruther's Recipe Book, 19th century. [Library reference: Acc.13447]

Oatmeal and bread