Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Oatmeal and bread

Loaves from the bread oven

In most Scots households, heavy iron girdles were used to cook bannocks or cakes made from barley or oats. In the days before kitchen ranges, they were heated over the open hearth.

In the best houses, flatbreads were brought to the table on a bannock rack, a version of the toast rack only made in Scotland.

Bread ovens in large houses might be in separate buildings because of the risk of fire but later they were incorporated into kitchens.

This illustration in a 15th century Book of Hours of French provenance shows a baker at work.

Illustration of man putting bread in stone oven

Detail from a Book of Hours, French, 15th century. By permission of Miss A M Scott Plummer. [Library reference: Acc.9281/1, f.12]

Oatmeal and broth