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Real India Curry Powder

When grocer and confectioner John Caird took delivery of ‘Real India Curry Powder’ at his Edinburgh shop he advertised its arrival in the 'Edinburgh Evening Courant' newspaper.

Caird's market was the Edinburgh élite. At two shillings and sixpence per canister, his curry powder was beyond the means of most ordinary people.

Indian recipes appear in English recipe books as early as Hannah Glasse's 'Art of cookery made plain and easy' of 1747. They appear in the culinary repertoire of the Scottish upper classes some years later.

Newspaper advert for curry powder

Press cutting from the 'Edinburgh Evening Courant' newspaper of 1798 pasted into a copy of John Caird's 'The complete confectioner and family cook', Leith, 1809. [Library reference: Maca.92]
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Meat, game and poultry