Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Fish and shellfish

Dressing dried fish

The recipe shown here for 'dressing ling or dried cod' describes the process of preparing and cooking the fish.

First it was steeped in fresh water for four hours and then left to drain for two days. Simmering in the 'best sweet water' followed, during which process it would be 'continually throwing up a white nasty scum which must be constantly & carefully skimmed off'.

To accompany the fish there were hard boiled eggs, butter, potatoes and mustard served separately — 'not all poured promiscuously on the ffishes [sic] as is practised by ignorant people.'

Handwritten instructions for preparing and serving fish

'Receipt for dressing ling or dried cod', from the recipe book of the Fletcher of Saltoun family. By permission of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun.

Culinary and household recipes of the Fletcher of Saltoun family, 18th century. [Library reference: MS.17853]

Fish and shellfish