Recipes from Scotland 1680s to 1940s

Fish and shellfish

Ochtertyre House accounts

Meat for the table came from the Murray of Ochtertyre family's Perthshire estates, but they usually bought fish and shellfish. Sometimes, however, a neighbour brought salmon as a gift.

On 19 August 1737 a quantity of fish was bought.

There was fish for supper that evening. The next day dinner included 'french beans and fish stewd' and for supper there was a dish of 'fish broyld and aples & creame'.

By the 1730s, lairds and their families were eating dishes made up of several ingredients combined in a sauce. Effectively this was a more solid version of the traditional broth.

Page from handwritten household accounts book

A page from Ochtertyre House Book of Accompts. [Library reference: MS.21106, f.37]
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Fish and shellfish