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'Mock ice' and 'Ginger cream'

Although 'Mock ice' suggests a frozen treat, this 19th century recipe was intended as an ice cream substitute.

It is actually a rich cream dessert flavoured with strawberries, raspberries and redcurrant jelly and set in a mould.

Before gelatine was widely available, desserts were set using isinglass, made from the bladders of sturgeons.

'Ginger Cream' was another rich dessert. It required a 'full pint of cream', with 'the finest pounded ginger and sugar to your taste'. It, too, was set in a mould with isinglass.

Handwritten recipes

This is one of a number of loose sheets tucked in at the back of an 18th-century recipe book. Recipes for 'Mock Ice' and 'Ginger Cream'

Anonymous recipe book, 18th century. [Library reference: Acc.12286/1]

Desserts and baking