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C. Cionnus a chaidh Sodom a
sgrios ?
F. Le teine agus pronnusc o
C. An robh neach sam bith sa’
bhaile sin air an tearnadh
uaithe 1
F. Cha robh a h-aon ach Lot,
a bhean, agus a dha nighinn.
C. Ciod a thachair d’amhnaoi 'l
F. liinneadh, creag shalainn
C. Ciod a b’aobhar do’n phea-
nas mh6r so 1
F. A chionn gu’n d’amhairc i
air a h-ais air Sodom, agus
air son a graidh do’n t-
C. Co de’n goirear athair nan
creidmheach 1
F. De Abraham.
C. Ciod an deuchainn bu mho
a fhuair a chreidimh-san 'l
F. A mhac Isaac iobradh suas
air iarrtus De.
C. Cia lion mac a bha aig
Isaac 1
F. A dha, lacob agus Esau.
C. Cia lion mac a bha aig
lacob 1
F. A dhk-dheug.
C. Co dhiubh bu shine 1
F. Reuben.
C. Co dhiubh a b’oige 1
F. Beniamin.
C. Co dhiubh a reiceadh do’n
Eiphit 1
F. loseph.
C. Co a reic e 1
F. A bhraithrean.
C. Cia lion treubh a bha ann
de chloinn Israeli 1
Q. How was Sodom de¬
stroyed ?
A. By fire and brimstone
from heaven.
Q. Were none of that city
saved from it I
A. None but Lot, and his
wife, and two daughters.
Q. What became of his
wife 1
A. She was turned into a
pillar of salt.
Q. What was the cause of
this sore punishment 1
A. Her looking back to So¬
dom, and love to the
Q. Who is he that is called
the father of the faithful 1
A. Abraham.
Q. What was the greatest
trial of his faith 1
A. The offering up of his son
Isaac, at God’s command.
Q. How many sons had Isaac?
A. Two : Jacob and Esau.
O. How many sons had
A. Twelve.
Q. Which of them was the
eldest ?
A. Reuben.
Q. Which of them was the
youngest ?
A. Benjamin.
Q. Which of them was sold
into Egypt ?
A. Joseph.
Q. Who sold him ?
A. His brethren.
Q. How many tribes were
there of the children of
Israel ?

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