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themaye, Keyth, Grantully, Dulbatelauch or Wardlaw, Rothemurcus, Davit,
TaUaracie, Enneralliarj.
In the register of valuation of benefices, 1561, c the tcmporality of the bishoprick bishoprick.
is stated to consist of the baronies of Spynie, Kynnedour, Birnethe, Rafforte, Ard-
clach, Koyth, Kilmyles, Strauthspey, and Moye ;
The ' haill ferme and teind victualls' of the Bishoprick are stated at three score
and seventeen chalders, six bolls, three firlots, and two pecks, with ten bolls of
" Nota — The auld rentale of the ferme and teind victuallis of the said bischoprik
" extendit in tymis bypast to four score and fourteen chalders or thairby, quhairof
" sixteen chalders or thairby is defalcat for inundatioun and sanding of the landis
" be watteris and wound and povertie of tennentis and truble of this tyme.
" Nota — Twa chalderis eight bollis horse corn with certane custume mertis, mut-
" toun, caponis and pultrie nevir sauld for money but spendit in the place.
" Nota — The procuratiouns and synodallis was wont to extend yeirlie to four score
" pound, and nathing gottin thairof thir thrie yeiris bygane.
" Money, the salmond comptit thairwith, d two thousand and thirty three pounds,
" seven shillings and threepence halfpenny."
" The Rentale of the Denery of Murray e . deanery.
" Mekill Pennyk sett for 2 chalders, 14 bolls
" Lytill Pennyk sett for 1 14
" Golfurd sett to the Sheriff for 2 13 2 firlots
" Mynes sett to the Sheriff for 2 10 3 3 pecks
" Leythinbar (1 chalder) be the
rentall — 24 2 —
c The original records of the valuation 1561, eopy of an old abbreviate of the valuation
and following years, are imperfect. A volume (Adv. Lib. Jac. V. 3. 1.)
is preserved in the library of the Lord Paniriure ; d The salmon are elsewhere said to be " the
and a volume, consisting apparently of the ma- teinds of tbree cobills in Spey, and esteemed at
terials from which the record was formed, is in eight lastes be yeir, and the laste to .£48."
the Advocates' Library (Jac. V. 6. 20.) e Alexander Campbell, in whose name this
The extracts above are from a collation of rental was given up, was Dean in the year 1562,
bolh these, together with what seems to be a and for a short time afterwards.

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