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28 June 1299. This Bishop was a zealous supporter of Bruce in the war of inde-
pendence — " dedit eis intelligere praedicando, pcricido animae snae, quod non minus
" possent mereri qui cum domino Itoberto in ipsius auxilium contra Regem Angliae et
" suos insurgerent, et partem ipsius Roberti juvarent, quam si in terram sanctam contra
" Paganos et Saracenos projiciscerentur." ' He died 5 Idus Januarii 1325.
John Pilmore, son of Adam Pilmore, burgess of Dundee, elected Bishop of Ross,
was postulated Bishop of Moray, and consecrated by Pope John XXII., at Avignon,
3 Kal. April. 1326. He died at Spyny, 28 September 1362.
Alexander Bur succceded, consecrated at Avignon by Pope Urban V. in the month
of December 1362. He was the author of the affecting letter to the King on the burn-
ing of the Cathedral by the Wolf of Badenoch. k He died at Spyny 15 May 1397. '
William de Spyny, consecrated at Avignon by Benedict XIII., 16 September
1397. Died at Elgin, 2 August 1406.
John de Innes, Parson of Duffus and Archdean cf Caithness, consecrated at
Avignon by Pope Benedict XIII., 23 January 1406. Died at Elgin, 25 April
1414. At the Chapter held for electing his successor, the Canons agreed and made
oath that if any of them should be elected Bishop, he should bestow the third of the
revenues of the Bishoprick on the building of the Church until its complete restora-
tion. m The person elected was
Henry de Lychton, consecrated at Valentia by Pope Benedict XIII., 8 March
1414. Translated to Aberdeen 1421.
David, succeeded, and was Bishop till 1429."
Columba de Dunbar, Deanof Dunbar, succeededin 1429, whodiedat Spyny 1435.
John Winchester, clericus Regis, Prebendary of Dunkeld, Provost of Lincluden,
Lord Register, elected, and confirmed by the Pope, April 1436, consecrated at Cam-
buskyneth, 9 May 1437. A person in great confidence and high employment under
James I. He died 1 April 1460.°
James Stewart, Dean of Moray, and High Treasurer, succeeded. He died 5
August 1460. p
1 Hailes. ad. an. 1306. is omitted in the list N. 111, where immediately
k N. 173. after Henry de Lychton we find " cui sticcessit
1 A fragment of his seai, appended to a char- Culumba de Dunbar," &c.
ter of 1373, in the Kilravock charter-chest, is ° Ferne Kalendar. His seal is engraved,
engraved, Plate I. N. 3. Plate II. N. 3.
m N. 187. p Ferne Kalendar. His small seal, with a
" Keitlts Bishops. It is remarkable that he shield of his arms, appended to a charter of

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