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In the year 1532 Farchard bishop of the Isles, and per]5etual commendator of the abbey of
loolmkill, for the augmentation of the revenues of the abbey, and for certain sums of money paid
to hiin beforehand, and other favours frequently shown to him by Sir John Campbell of Cadar.
granted to Sir John the following towns and lands of Mukcarn, namely, the town and lands of
Lyild, extending to 5 pennylands ; Kilmacronag, 5 pennylands ; Coulmadallicht, 7 pennylands ;
Clasgarrache, 5 pennylands ; Farnicht, 6 pennylands ; Ardnaske, 5 pennylands ; Killinaise. 5
pennylands ; BaUjTideor, 7 pennylands ; Ardagaw, 10 pennylands ; Kilespickerril, 10 pennylands ;
Ardynoir, 6 pennylands ; Skowle, 3 pennylands ; Barhigillene, 4i pennylands ; Duntawinthane,
4^ pennylands ; Barglas, 5 pennylands ; Drumynturne, 9 pennylands ; Clynemakry, 10 penny-
lands ; Aehnecossinde, 6 pennylands ; and Kilmokowe, 5 pennylands — together with the office of
baUie of the lands -^ extending in the rental to the sum of £78 Scots, 5s. for each of 125 bolls of
black oatmeal, and 6s. 8d. for each of 25 boUs bear ; to be held in heritage for yearly payment of
£81, of 5s. 6d. for each of the 125 bolls, and of 7s. 8d. for each of the 25, in Scots money, in
equal portions at the feasts of Saint John the Baptist (June 24) and Saint Andrew the Apostle
(Nov. 30) — thus augmenting the rental in victual by the sum of £4, 7s. 6d., and the whole aug-
mentation in money and victual being £7, 7s. 6d.i In 1533 the grant was confirmed by Silvester
Darius the legate of Pope Clement VII.-^ In 1546 Roderic Maelane archdeacon of the Isles, and
vicar general during a vacancy, confirmed the land of Moukcarne to Archibald Campbell of Gaidar,
the son of Sir John who died vest and seised therein.^ In 1561 the abbot of lona had one
pennyland in Muckarn.* In 1564 John commendator of Ardchattan appears to have confirmed
the land of Muckalrn to Master Alexander Campbell.^ In 1573 the grant of Bishop Farchard
was confirmed by John bishop of the Isles.'' In 1584 it was confirmed by King James VI.'
In 1606 John Campbell was infeft by King James VI. in the barony of Kihnachronage or
Muckairne.* In 16.33 Sir John Campbell granted the same barony to John Campbell his son.^
In 1636 Donald Ewing was served heir to his father William Ewing in Barindronan in the fifteen
pennylands of Kilmachronage and Auchalemonie in the barony of KUmachronage and parish of
KiUespickerrill.'" In 1661 King Charles 11. confirmed to Sir Hew Campbell of Calder the grants
of 1606 and 1633. '^ The barony or regality of Kihnaronag included twenty-five plougligates,'-
and was of the extent of 60 marks.^^
Auchnaeloich was held by the abbots of Inchafiray. In 1563 the lands of Auchincloicli in the
lordsliip of Lome and sheriffdom of Ergile were held of the abbot by James Drumond of Ineh-
afray.'* In 1628 Archibald Campbell of Croachan was served heir to his grandfatiier Archibald
* Lochnell Charters. A manuscript at Luchnell ^ Lochnell Charters,
quoted in the New Stat. Ace, states that the barony ' Lochnell Charters,
was granted to the church by King Malcolm III. and ' Lochnell Charters.
his Queen Margaret, was leased by Bishop Ferquhard " Acta Pari. Scot., vol. vii. p. 3G6.
to Macdougal of Lorn, and on his refusal to pay the ' Acta Pari. Scot., vol. vii. p. 366.
dues was granted to Sir John Campbell, who after '" Retours.
some resistance wrested it from Macdougal. No re- " Acta Pari. Scot, vol. vii. p. 366.
liance can be placed on this statement. ^- MS. quoted in New Stat. Ace.
- Lochnell Charters. ^ Lochnell Charters. '' Paper at Taymouth.
* Coll. de Reb. Alb., p. 3. " Liber Insule Missaruni, p. 100.

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