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2 8 Memorials of the Families of Strachan and Wise.
Caroline, daughter of Captain John Pitman, R.N., by his
wife, Miss Mignan, sister of Stephen INlignan, an opulent
merchant in Plymouth. Of this marriage were born two
sons and two daughters. The daughters, Caroline-Mary
tind Elizabeth- Anne, both died unmarried. The younger
son, Jervis-Henry, an officer of marines, served under
Admiral Rodney, and was killed in a sea engagement in
1780. He died unmarried.
Lieutenant Patrick Strachan, R.N., died at New York
in 177G, at the age of forty-one, having predeceased his
elder brother, Sir John Strachan, seventh baronet. Sir John,
as formerly stated, died in 1777, when the succession
devolved on his brother's elder son, Richard-John, who
became eighth baronet of Thornton.
Richard-John Strachan was born at Plymouth on the
27th October 1760. Entering the navy on board the A ctceoii,
he became, after the usual period of service, third lieutenant
of the Hero, 74 guns. After several changes, he attained
the rank of post-captain in 1783. At the close of the
American war, he obtained the command of the Vesta, 28
guns, in which he conveyed reinforcements to Bombay. In
command of the Phoenix, a 36-gun frigate, he distinguished
himself in protecting British trade, which would otherwise

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