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i6 Memorials of the Families of Stracliau and IJ'isr.
l)ollis, feir price of the boll V lib— L lb." By liis uill he
gave his body to be buried "in my ile in Mariekii'k, in
the eard fra quhence it came." He bequeathed 200
merks " to be wairit upon land " for the support of the
" walk and pure and bedrells of the parochyne of Abir-
lichnot" (Arbuthnot). He ordained Anna Mercer, his
spouse, and " John Strauchan," his son, to " enterteny and
gif houshold to David Trumbill, George Nydrie, Johne
Gordoun elder, Johne and Johne Adames, John Gaw
elder, and Christian Irving, sa lang as the said Anna and
Johne remaynes in houshold togidder, and fra they
dissolve cumpany to gif everie ane of thame ane peck of
meill ouklie quhill Alexander Strauchane, my oy and
air, be evadit twenty ane yeiris, at quhilk tyme he sal be
astrictit to gif thame and ilk ane of thame ane peck victuall
during thair lifftimes." He further provided that his said
spouse was to have possession of Thornton along with
his son John, and that his three daughters, Magdalen,
Katherine, and Elizabeth, were to remain with his said
spouse and son so long as they kept house together, or
until the marriage of the daughters respectively. The
will is dated 14th May 1601, and the witnesses are
liobcrt Mercer in Craiggis, George Strauchan, styled "mv

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