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same as " Steelhand," though the latter does not appear in the Polish army,
and then as Capt., till 1657. Cousin of John, 1756. and Robert, 1803-
1795- Patrick. 1655, Feb., enlisted at Hamburg with Kittmeister
Garden of the Swedish army {Tagchuch, i. 6); Sep. 11, received his first
wound (in the ribs) at Sabota, when fighting the Poles; Oct. 11, wounded
again (in the leg) near Cracow, and had his horse shot under him. 1656, Jan.,
captured by the Poles, and carried to Sandetz, and after seventeen weeks,
entered the army of the Polish leader, Lubomirski ; Jul., captured near War-
saw by the Swedes and taken to Dantzig, near which he was wounded. 1657,
Jan. 5, captured by the Poles; then captured by the Imperial troops, after
being twice wounded, but escaped after si.x weeks. 1658, Ens. in the Swedish
reg. of Col. Anderson ; soon after captured at Stum by the Poles, from whom
he escaped in six weeks ; Nov., recaptured by the Poles, and urged by Sobi-
eski to join them, which he did after eleven weeks, in 1659, as Quarter-
master, and got a coy. of dragoons ; his advice resulted in the capture of
Gradenz. 1660, Capt. Lt. of Lubomirski's bodyguard ; June, fought at
Czudno (Chudnovo) where the Poles and Crimea Tartars defeated the
Ukraine Cossacks and Russians; agreed with Gordon, " Steelhand," to raise
two coys, for the Emperor, but afterwards cried off; and offered his [services
to Col. Daniel Crawford, of the Russian army, who had been captured at
Czudno ; Sep. 5, entered Russian army at Moscow, as Crawford's Maj.
1662, Lt. Col., and helped to quell the revolt caused by the depreciation of
the coinage. 1665, Feb. 14, Col. 1666, Jun. — 1667, Feb., on a mission to
England. 1667, Jun. — 1677, Jan., diary blank ; from 1670 to 1677 he was in
the Ukraine, subduing the Little Cossacks, and devoting his spare time to the
study of mechanics, fortification and strategy [Diary, 104). 1677, Jan. 8,
returned very ill to Moscow and to answer some complaints from troopers of
his reg. ; Jul. -Aug-, held Tschigirin against the Turks {Tagebzich, i. 434-446).
1678, Jan., sent to defend Tschigirin, with his dragoons and a reg. of
Strelitzes ; Auchintoul says he forced his way with one officer only through
the enemy "in a very extraordinary manner and got to the Russian camp
almost dead with wounds, hunger and fatigue" {Peter the Great, i. 67;
Tagebuch, i. 543); Aug. 11, magazine blown up and 4000 Turks killed
(Tagchuch, i. 544) ; Aug. 20, Maj. -Gen. {Diary, 172). 1678-84, diary missing.
1679, appointed to chief command of Kiev and placed at the head of the
selected regiments in the Ukraine {Diary, 108). 16S3, Lt. Gen. 1686, Apr.-
Jul., visited England and Scotland. 1687, Feb. -Sep., commanded the select
regiments of the second division in a war against the Crimean Tartars ; Sep.
II, appomted Gen., and received his father's name, being known as Peter

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