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not getting the command of a reg., he retired and lived near Nymeguen, with
Col. Archibald Scott {ibid., ii. 409, 418). William, 1433, William, I44O, and
William, 1449, also served on the British Staff, Spanish and Portuguese armies.
Brother of George, of Gordonbank, Berwick, and uncle of George, 1716 I
(/., 1777, abroad; described in his will, which was confirmed at Edinburgh,
1785, Aug. I, as "late in the service of his FaithfuU Majesty the King of
Portugal," his son John Hamilton, 1774, being e.xecutor and George, 1718,
cautioner (Edin. Com. Test., vol. 126, pt. 2).
1771- John. 1746, Oct. 7, as Col. -Commandant of Colyear's Reg.,
Scots Brigade in Holland, he wrote from Hallingen to the Council of State
whether he must let the officers recruiting in Scotland remain there or cause
them to return. The Council told him, Oct. 10, to let them remain until
further orders (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 275).
1772- John. 1750, Mar. 8, Lt., acting as Capt., 2nd Coy., ist Batn.,
Stewart's Reg., Scots Brigade in Holland (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 411).
1759, still in reg. (ibid., 11. 41 8J.
1773- John. 1771, Corporal, 2nd Batn., Stuart's Reg., Scots Brigade
in Holland (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, iii. 202), and perhaps the Corporal
John, who witnessed a baptism, at Ypres, 1775, Sep. 14 (ibid., in. 107).
M. 1 77 1, May 3, at Deventer, Juliana Smith (ibid., in. 202).
1774- John Hamilton. 1782, Dec. 13, Ensign, 2nd Batn., Houston's
Reg., Scots Brigade in Holland, was one of the officers who asked six weeks
to consider the oath required by the " High Mightinesses," converting the
Brigade into Dutch troops (Ferguson's Sco<.s Brigade, u. 499). 1783, Jan.
14, resolved to throw himself on His Majesty's Royal Protection (ibid., 11.
519) and returned to Britain (ibid., n. 521). Lord Adam Gordon says (Add.
MSS., 35,529, f. 226) that General Stuart of the Brigade, speaks most
handsomely of him. 1787, joined our 60th Ft. (see 1038)-
Only son of John, 1770.
1775- John Henry. Entered the Austrian service (House of Gordon,
u. (216)).
Son of Edward, Lesinoir (d. 1832); b. 1815 ; m. 1850, Oct. 10, Amelia
Cherry, dau. of Sir Herbert Abingdon Draper Compton, and had Herbert
Spencer Compton, 658- See also 1040, 1041 and 1042-
1776- John James ("Marquis of Huntly "). 1699, Col. of Hussars,
Polish Army (Theodore Zychlinski's Zlota Ksiega Szlachty Pohkiej, 1879,
P- 75)-
Said (ibid.) to be a grandson of Lord Henry 1727. and to have obtained
from the Great Diet, 1699, Jun. 16, an " indegenet," as "Marquis of

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