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Bergen-op-Zoom, when the Brigade had 1124 men out of a total of 1510 k.,
and many of the remaining 386 wounded ; " overpowered by numbers, de-
serted and alone, the Scotch assembled in the market place and attacked the
French with such vigour that they drove them from street to street till fresh rein-
forcements pouring in compelled them to retreat in their turn, disputing every
inch as they retired, and fighting till two-thirds of their number fell on the
spot" {ibid., II. 226, 369). 1748, Mar. 26, Col. Commandant and Lt. Col.,
ist Batn. {ibid., 11. 122). 1758, Nov. 8, Col., in succession to Halkett, who
had succeeded Colyear in 1747 (ibid., 11. 122); subsequently, Major Gen.
Son of the Burgomaster of Schiedam, who was descended from a Scots
family ; " the time of its settling in Holland is unknown, but it must have
been long ago" {G.M., vol. 66, pt. i, p. 442). The Burgomaster was
probably the Robert Gordon who became a member of the Town Council of
Schiedam and Alderman, 1687, May, and Burgomaster, 1699, 1701, 1702, 1706,
1717, 1718, 1722, and who d. 1724, May i, having m. Maria van Ryn, by
whom he had several children, some of them under age at the time of his
death (Information from the Secretary to the Municipality of Schiedam, 1906,
Sep. 22). In 1764, Jacob took up a reactionary attitude in reference to the
making of some supernumerary elders at Nymeguen and the " new way of
singing," for he wrote to Major Buchanan — " I desire that you will order
the minister, elders and deacons [all of them officers] to your house, and
order them in my name to undoo those things immediately" (Ferguson, iir. 298).
The Session hinted that it was accountable only to a supreme Church Court.
Gordon wrote a second letter respecting his former order, with a declaration
in case of disobedience that "he knew what to doo". The Session declined
(Oct. i) to turn out Capt. Cunningham to whom Gordon particularly objected,
but as the "new singing" had never been exacted by the Session as a
standing form, but "only attempted as a tryal in consequence of a repeated
recommendation from the General Assembly and the now tho" common
practice in Scotland, yet they for the sake of peace agree for the time to lay
it aside " {ibid., iii. 302). But Gordon was obstinate, demanded the delivery
of the Session Register, and ordered the stoppage of the minister's stipend ;
and when the minister hesitated, the Duke of Brunswick was asked to inter-
vene, and the volume was ultimately delivered, Nov. 15 {ibid., iii. 303).
Gordon ;;;. Dame Johanna Mariah H3'ndryck, or Heijdenrijk, and had Robert
Jacob, 1810! Menso (son) b. 1732, Oct. 18, and bap. at Ypres {ibid., iii. 222,
253); Otto Theodore, 1788; Mariah Robertina, b. 1733, Nov. g, and bap.
Nov. II, at Ypres (ibid., iii. 222, 253); and perhaps J., 1731. Gordon d.
1776 (ibid., II. 122). Mr. Ferguson usually calls him "James".

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