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brained, but wery couragious," and that in his " latter da3'es " he in. " one Mrs.
Rolland, ane innkeeper in Aberdeen". Zychlinski [Zlota Siega, 1879, pp.
75-7) does not mention his wife or son, but makes him the grandfather of
John James, 1776, and through him ancestor of the present " Marquis of
Huntly " in Poland, a descent very difficult to follow (Bulloch's Gay Gordons,
43-58). D. at Strathbogie (Records of Ahoyne, 542).
1728- Henry. 1691, Aug. 7, Capt., Russian army, having entered
through the influence of General Patrick Gordon, who wrote him letters, 1691,
May 22, Jul. 31 (quoted in the Tagebuch, in. 281-2, 286). "I [Patrick] have
showne him the conveniencies and inconveniencyes of this country [Russia],
so that if he resolve to come in hither, I shall not be wanting in anything
that lyes in my power to do for him" [Diary of Patrick Gordon, 174) ; Sep.,
at Novgorod (Tagebuch, 11. 350) ; Oct. 19, at Moscow (ibid., ii. 354). 1692,
Jan. II, witnessed at Moscow the General's disposition of Auchleuchries to his
son John (Diary, 178, 179, 213). Aug. 16, Major, on the General's nomina-
tion (Tagebuch, 11. 381). 1693, Jan. 29, marched from Bielgorod on'the Donetz,
against the Turks, who were driven back ; Feb. 15, returned to Bielgorod (ibid.,
II. 400). 1694, Mar. TO, at Moscow (ibid., 11. 441), 1695, Jan. 2, visited the
Czar (ibid., 11. 541). 1697-8, Lt. Col., stationed at Archangel (ibid., iii. 162,
Joseph Robertson suggests (ibid., 174) that he was "probably the gentle-
man of the same name " who served under the Duke of Gordon as one of the
garrison at Edinburgh Castle, 1689 ; but this Harry was laird of Achlochrach
in Glenlivet, and according to the Birnie MS. returned home after the siege,
"having exhausted much of his property ". The Duke sent Auchleuchries a
letter by Harry Gordon, dated 1690, Apr. 12 (Diary, 173). In May, 1691,
Harry was in Warsaw. 1694, Nov. 8, betrothed and in 1695, Jan. 21, m. in the
Catholic Church, Moscow, to Caroline, second dau. of Col. Roonaer (Tagebuch,
II. 493, 503), whose elder dau. Elizabeth m. Patrick Gordon, 1795-
1729- Hugh. 1626, Oct. joined Mackay's Reg. in Sutherland. 1627,
Oct., wounded at the pass of Oldenburg, which Mackay gallantly held
against Tilly's advance, as recorded by Monro (Expedition, pt. I. 17-32). His
rank is not stated (John Mackay's Old Scots Brigade, 208; Trans. Gaelic
Sac. of Inverness, viii. 188).
Son of Adam, "ofCulkour" (Earls of Sutherland, 402). The Sutherland
Tables (House of Gordon, 11. 139) states that Adam in Culkour (son of Adam of
Golspie-Kirktovvn) had a brother, but not a son, called Hugh.
1730- Hugh. 1760-73, Corporal, Capt. Johnston's Coy., Marjoribanks'
Reg., Scots Brigade in Holland, took the communion, at Breda, 1760, Mar.

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