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year [1674] thereafter he went with the French army to the conquest of Bur-
gundy. After which, he went to the French army, commanded by the
Marshal de Turenne, before the battle of Strasburg [Sep.], and at the end of
that campaign he returned by London to Scotland. In summer, 1675, he
went over to Flanders to pass a campaign in the Prince of Orange's army,
from which he met with many civilities ; and in November returned to Lon-
don " (William Gordon's Illustrious Family of Gordon, 11. 581-2). Probably
the "Ober Gordon, i Reg. zu Pf. Collnische Troupe" in Turenne's army
(List of officers, Brit. Mus., 1852 di 37). See also 481-
Only son of Lewis, 3rd Marquis of Huntly. Father of Alexander, 2nd
Duke of Gordon, who fought for the Jacobites at Sherriffmuir.
1713- George. Ens., in Brandenburg army. 1697, Aug. 23, went to
Moscow to serve the Czar (Patrick Gordon's Tagebuch, in. 159; i. 643);
Dec. 15, Lt. {ibid., iii. 162).
Son of William (?), Korolewetz (Konisberg) (ibid., i. 643, 644) nephew
of George Gray, Konisberg, who sent him money through General Patrick
Gordon (ibid., iii. 167, 168, 207). Gray was a friend of the general (Diary,
116, 122).
1714- Qeorge, 2nd Count of Gordon. About 171 1 (?), Capt. of
Carabineers in the French army (C. A. Gordon's Concise History, i8go ed.,
p. 12S).
Elder son of Armand James, 1679; b. 1691, the ist Duke of Gordon, 1712,
and his sister Ann, Lady Crouly, standing sponsors for him ; d. s.p. (ibid.,
128), being succeeded by his brother Andrew, 1674-
1715- Qeorge. 1735, Sep. 10, Capt. Lt. in Halkett's Regiment, Scots
Brigade in Holland, was deposed by a court martial at Bergen-op-Zoom, and
condemned to pay. three-fourths of the costs of justice. Gordon's petition for
the quashing of the sentence was refused by the vStates General, 1735. Oct.
22 (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 198).
1716- Qeorge. 1742, Apr. 4, apparently the Ens. Gordon, Mackay's
Reg., Scots Brigade in Holland, appointed with six other officers to raise an
augmentation (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 238). 1745, May 19, Capt., 6th
Coy., 2nd Battn., Majoribanks' Reg. (ibid., 11. 408). 1746, Nov. 25, allowed to
recruit in Scotland (Scotland Letters and Papers, P.R.O., series ii., bundle
30); permission afterwards cancelled (ibid., bundle 33). 1759, in the sth
Coy. (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 418). 1766, Apr. 2, oath by proxy al-
lowed to him as major (ibid., 11. 427).
Son of George, of Gordonbank, and Greenlaw, Berwick, to whom he was
served heir special, 17S3, Dec. 18; iii. Elizabeth Crasford, and had a dau.

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