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Patrick Gordon for a post in the Russian army, which he got by 1700, Jun.
18 (Tagcbuch, I. 651). 1703, Jan. 18, an oflicer in the Pleskau Inf. was
ordered to give him two carriages from Moscow to Pleskau [ibid., i. 652).
Son of Peter; and a Scot by birth {ibid., i. 651).
1702- Francis Cosimus. 1794, Jun. 24, Ens., 4th Coy., ist Batn.,
Reg. van Nyvenheim, Scots Brigade in Holland ; honourably discharged
(Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 551). Prof. Kramer says he served 92 months
as Cadet and 4 months as Ens.
B. at Tournay, 1768; reformed religion (Information from Prof. Kramer).
1703- Francisco. Major, Pavia Hussars, Spain. Fought in Cuba
(Information from his brother Luiz).
Seventh son of Luiz. D. unin., igio. Mar. 23, at Madrid. Brother of
Alejandro, 1646, Alvaro, 1671, Jose, 1778, Juan, 1781. First cousin of Carlos
Pedro, 288, and Joseph Maria, 1080-
1704- Franciszek. A.D.C. to Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski (1732-
98), last King of Poland (who was the great-great-grandson of George, 2nd
Marquis of Huntly, 1710. and the great-grandnephew of Lord Henry, 1727,
from whom this Francis claimed descent. He became a Maj. Gen. in the
Polish army.
Son of Peter, and grandson of John James, (Polish) Marquis of Huntly,
1776; had an only son Karol, who m., 1837, Laura, Countess Soltyk, and
had Karol {b. 1840) and Francis George [b. 1842). D. 1826, at Warsaw
(Zychlinski's Zlota Ksitgn, 1879, pp. 75-7). Brother of Joseph Felix von,
1779, and Karol, 1782.
1705- Franz von. Served 18 years in the Prussian army, going
through the Bavarian War of Succession, 1778-9; retired by 1820 (state-
ment by himself to the Royal Court of Justice, in the district of Schwetz,
1820, Jul.).
Son of Joseph, and Schulze, Danzig ; and grandson of John, mer-
chant, Poland, and Petronella Gordon ; which John was the son of Alexander,
of Coldwells, Ellon {d. before 1717) (J. M. Bulloch in Aberdeen Jour., 1906,
Apr. 23) ; m. Caroline Meyer von Klingraf, and had Adolf von, 1644, Edmond
von, 1695, and Franz von, 1706; A. between 1820, Jul., and 1822, Jul. (ibid).
Kinsman of Fabian, 1696.
1706- Franz von. Lt., 2nd Foot Grenadiers, Prussian army.
Son of Franz von, 1705 ; alive 1820, Jul. 6.
1707. Franz von. Saxon army ; Capt. in a reg. of light horse.
Son of Ferdinand Heinrich Joseph von, 1698; '«■ Marie von Einsiedel,
retiring from the army and living at Cossmansdorf, near Hainsberg; had

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