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honourably discharged 1794, Jan. 24. A Donald Gordon, son of Corporal
Hugh and his spouse Francientje Cavalier, was bap. at Nymeguen, Feb. 14,
1762 {ibid.. III. 82).
1694- Edmond. 1633 (?), "led" from Scotland by his "cousin," George,
2nd Marquis of Huntly, 1710- 1643) Capt., French army, k. (statement
signed in London, 1722, Jan. 13, by the Duke of Gordon, witnessed by the
Earl of Aberdeen, and others, and reproduced in the Aberdeen Free Press,
1887, Sept. 15, from an "Alsatian paper").
He had a son, John, who had Gilbert, 1724, and John, 1764 (ibid.).
1695- Edmond von. 1820, Volunteer, 19th Prussian Infantry.
Son of Franz von, 1705 ; alive, 1820, Jul. 6.
1696- Fabian. 1783, Col., Polish Army (Sc/ficM 0/ //c/cs). "Royal
Prussian Brigadier in the National Cavalry" (Information from Dr. Franz
A. Th. J. von Gordon, Laskowitz, igo6).
Son of Alexander, of Coldwells (and grandson of Alexander, of Cold-
wells, to whom Fabian was served heir male of line and of prov. gen ,.1783,
Sep. 16). Kinsman of Adolf von, 1644, Edmond von, 1695, Franz von, 1705-
1697- Felix von. 1875, Cadet, German army (Information from Col.
von Senfft-Pilsach).
Only son of Franz von, 1707; b. 1859; d. 1875 (ibid.).
1698- Ferdinand Heinrich Joseph von. Saxon army ; Capt. of Light
Horse (Information from Col. Oskar Iwan von Gordon und Huntly).
Son of Joseph Felix von, 1779; b. 17S8, Jan. 27, at Lieberose, near
Frankfort ; jn. (i) Frl. von Barenstein, and had Franz von, 1707; '"• (2) Clara
Henrietta von Winkler (d. 1857), by whom he had Fedor (d. at Leipzig) and
Oskar Iwan, 1786, and a dau. (;;;. Maj.-Gen. von Bartcky). Shortly after his
second marriage, he left the army and went to reside on his wife's property
at Sacka, near Konigsbruck ; d. 1846, or 1847, and bur. at Drebkau (ibid., and
information from Col. von Senfft-Pilsach).
1699- Francis. 1692-97, Lt., sergeant in the Military Household of
James II. at St. Germains (Forbes Leith's Scots Men-at-Ariiis, i. 219).
1700- Francis " died in the service of the King of Naples " (Harpcrfield
Tables) ; " died in Russia " {Proney MS., quoted in Wimberley's Gordons
of Craig, 3s).
Son of Francis, of Craig [d. 1727), and his third wife, Catherine Campbell,
widow of Partrick Russell, of Montcoffer. Uncle of Francis, 441, and George,
500- Granduncle of Francis, 443- Grandson of Francis, 2079-
1701- Francis. 1696, Ens., Rifles of the King of Poland, in which he
served two and a half years before 1699, Jul. 10, when he applied to General

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