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war" {Add. MSS., 35,543, f. 66). 1793, Jul. 19, he told Keith he had a hanker-
ing to join the Russian army {Add. MSS., 35,529, f. 219).
1688. Charles. 1779, Mar. 31, took the oath by proxy as Capt., Stuart's
Reg., Scots Brigade in Holland (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 491). 1782,
Dec. 13, stationed at Maastricht, he was one of the officers who asked six
weeks to consider before taking the oath demanded when the Scots Brigade
was converted into Dutch troops, being described " Schotland " {ibid., 11. 508).
1689- Charles Dominique de. " Ancien Brigadier des Gardes du Roi,
dans la Compagnie Ecossoise, capitaine de cavalerie et Chevalier de Saint
Louis" {Dictionnaire de les Nobles, by MM. De la Chenaye-Desbois and
Badin, 1876, iii. 470).
Descended from a Scots family which went to France, province of
Viverais, in 1445; tn. 1754, May 25, Marie Madeleine Chevalier du Coudray,
dau. of Jacques, Capt. in the Reg. de la Feronnaye, and had three daus.
1690- Rev. Charles Menzies. 1867. Papal Zouaves : he raised a force
of sixty men, chiefly from Glasgow, and armed at his own expense, to fight
for Pius IX. in Italy. " In one or more engagements with the Piedmontese
troops, he received severe wounds, the marks of which he bore till his death " ;
served two years in the Papal Zouaves {Tablet, 191 1, Nov. 25).
Son of Sir Charles, of Drimnin, Argyllshire (1793-1845), who was son
of William, in Minmore (1754-1829) ; b. 1831 ; joined the Society of Jesus,
in Rome, 1869, renouncing his estate in favour of his younger brother, Jose
Clement. 1889-1906, Bishop of Thyatira and Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica ;
d. 191 1, Nov. 16, at Manresa House, Roehampton. Brother of John, 998-
1691- Daniel. 1787 (?). Nine years as Ens. in the Scots Brigade in
Holland, from which he brought to the 60th (British) Ft. the necessary num-
ber of men to qualify as Lt., 1796 (see 396). Probably the D. Gordon, Ens.,
7th Coy., Reg. van Ny venheim, Holland, who was honourably discharged, 1 794,
Jun. 24 (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 551).
1692- David. 1771, Oct. 24, Ens., Russian army, k. at the battle of
Giurgevo, forty miles south of Bucharest, in which the Russians defeated the
Turks; Oct. 27, Alexander Hay, a Galloway man, wrote from the Camp, near
Bucharest, to Gordon of Greenlaw (letter in possession of Mrs. Walker, of the
Culvennan family) : —
If anything could possibly augment the chagrin I feel for the loss of a dear friend, the
being obliged to communicate the melancholy news of his death to his brother would do it,
for in a skirmish which we had with the enemy on the twenty-fourth of October he had the
misfortune to fall. But he fell doing honour to his country, and lamented by all who knew

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