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besieging the castle of Chaluz in Aquitaine (where the king claimed a newly
found treasure from the owner of the castle, a vassal of his old enemy,
Ademar, Viscount of Limoges), with " ane barbed arrow in the shoulder,
where it joyned to the neck ; Bertram haveing, before his shott, maid his
prayer to God that he wold direct the arrow and delyver the innocency of the
beseidged from oppression" {Earls of Sutherland, 24, 25, 29, 30, which
closely followed Ferrerius, who says that Bertramus Gordonius was one of
the auxiliaries sent from Scotland by the King of Scotland to the aid of
the King of France).
Son of Roger, who was k. by King Richard with two of his sons (Earls
0/ Sutherland, 29). Roger was a name not uncommon among the Berwick-
shire Gordons, but there is no proof that Bertram was connected with the
Scots family. After King Richard's death, Bertram was flayed to death by
order of Merchadeus " generall of the Brabantines " {ibid., 30).
1682- Charles. 1693, Aug. i. Ens. to Lt. Col. Bowie, Mackay's Reg.,
Scots Brigade in Holland (Dalton's A.L., iii. 342); Aug. 20, wounded at
Terra Nova, Namur (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, I. 571). 1697, Jul. 18, trans-
ferred to Capt. James Cunningham's Coy. (Dalton's A.L., in. 395).
1683- Charles. 1758, Mar. 9, Adj. 2nd Batn., Stewart's Reg., Scots
Brigade in Holland (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 513).
1684- Charles. 1762, Mar. i8, Ens., 3rd Coy., 2nd Batn., Majoribanks',
Reg., Scots Brigade in Holland (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 429).
1685- Charles. 1766, Adj., 2nd Batn., Gordon's Reg., Scots Brigade
in Holland (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 428). 1775-6, Adj., do {ibid., 11.
436, 43S). 1777, 1783, Adj., Dundas's Reg. {ibid., 11. 440, 443).
1686- C(harles?). 1772, May 11, Ens., Houston's Reg., Scots Brigade
in Holland, is stated by Col. Bruce, Iperen, to have been discharged, and to
have deserted his two natural children, by a sergeant's dau. of the Swiss
Reg. ; Bruce asks the Council of State to provide for them, so that they be
prevented entering a Roman Catholic orphanage, both parents being Protest-
ants ; the Council on above date referred the question to a Committee ; Aug.
17, the Council decided that there was no precedent for the State to take charge
of illegitimate children of soldiers in the " Barrifere " places, and Bruce's peti-
tion was refused (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, 11. 485). 1772, Dec. i — 1773,
Sept. 13, the ist Batn. paid two stivers per week for the "late Ensigne C.
Gordon's child, amounting to £32 iSs., to be credited to the poor fund of the
2nd Batn. " {ibid., iii. 166).
1687- Sir Charles. Prior to 1775 (probably 1686), ofiicer in the Scots
Brigade in Holland, but not identified by Ferguson, Pierre de Witt says

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