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M. Maria Pieternella Ghyben before 1760, Sep., and had Alexander
Frederic, 1670 ; John Dirk, i(j/>. 1763, Sep. 9, at Namur {ibid., in. 86);
Joseph Hugh, b. 1775, Feb. 22, at Steenbergen (ibid., iii. 107); Robert
Alexander, 1809 ; William Charles, 1835; Mary Jacobina Catrina, b. 1778,
Jan. 31, bap. Feb. 2, at Nymeguen {ibid., iii. iii); Charlotta Cicilia Amelia
Petroneila bap. 1780, Feb. 4, at Bergen-op-Zoom {ibid., iii. 112).
1669- Alexander. 1776, Nov. 4, as soldier in Steuart's Reg., Scots
Brigade in Holland, witnessed at Zutphen the baptism of Wilhelmina, dau.
of deceased William Wightman, pensioned soldier (Ferguson's Scots Brigade,
III. 192).
1670- Alexander Frederic. 1789, in Baron van Nyvenheim's Reg.,
Holland ; served ninety -two months as cadet and thirty-one months as ensign
(note from Professor Kramer).
Fourth son of Alexander, 1668; b. 1770, Aug. 24, bap. Aug. 25, at Tour-
nay (Ferguson's Scots Brigade, in 100).
1671- Alvaro. Officer, Santiago Lancers, Spanish army (Information
from his brother Luiz).
Second son of Luiz. D. 1905. Brother of Alejandro, 1646, Francesco,
1703, Jose, 1778, Juan, 1781. First cousin of Carios Pedro, 288, and Joseph
Maria, 1080-
1672- Andrew. 1546, 1550, 1554, one of the hoinmes d'arines a la grant
paye, in the Scots Men-at-Arms in France (Forbes- Leith's Scots Men-at-Arms,
I. 187, 190, 191).
1673- Andrew. 1691, Aug. 3, Capt., Russian army, granted permission
to go from Pleskau to Moscow (Patrick Gordon's Tagcbuch, i. 643).
Kinsman (" mein Werwandter") of Patrick, 1795 {ibid. i. 643).
1674- Andrew, 3rd Count of Gordon. Before 1754 "was Adjutant-
General in the [s/c] Bohemia under the command of the marishal duke of
Broglie and captain of horse " (C. A. Gordon's Concise History, 1890 ed., p.
Son of Armand James, 1679; "he is still [1754] unmarried" {ibid.
129). He is probably the C[ount ?] A[ndrew ?] Gordon who compiled A Con-
cise History of the Anticnt and Illustrious House of Gordon (Aberdeen 1754:
edited by A. M. Munro, 1890), for the Aberdeen Journal (1754, Jan. 8)
says : —
That Captain Andrew Gordon, cadet of the family of Huntly, intends to make out a
succinct genealogy of the Gordons ... to be published by subscription and to be begun by
the first of March next. As he is come to this country for this purpose he begs the favour of
all the materials and intelligence the Gentlemen of the Name or others can afford him ; which
he desires may be directed to the publisher of the Aberdeen yournal.

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