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Second son of William, I. of Sheelagreen, cadet of Cairnburrow ; bap.
i74i,jul. 23; 1788, Oct. 20, sold Sheelagreen; d. iitiiii. 1789. Brother of
John, 898 ; uncle of Charles, 309. Portrait of Gordon and his officers done
in silhouette, now in possession of 2nd Middlesex Reg. and reproduced in the
Graphic, igio, Aug. 20.
304. Charles. 1761, Jul. 18, Lt. Fireworker, Art., H.E.I.C.S. (Bombay) ;
d. at Tellicherry (Col. F. W. M. Spring's List of Bombay Art. Offs., 69).
305- Hon. Charles. 1766, Jul. 26, Ens., 53rd Ft.; Sep. 29, leave of
absence for si.\' months. 1769, Aug. 2, Capt., 66th Ft. (A.L., 1767-72 ; W.O.,
Notifications, Leave of Absence, P.R.O.).
Fourth son of William, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen, and his third wife, Anne,
dau. of Alexander, 2nd Duke of Gordon ; b. 1745 ; d.unni. at Aberdeen, 1771,
Dec. 13 {SM., vol. T,^, p. 671). Brother of Hon. Cosmo, 384, and Hon.
William, 1397.
306. Sir Charles. 1775, Dec. 2, or 1776, May 14, Lt., ist Batn. 71st
Ft., having assisted in raising men for the reg. (previously Ens., Dutch
Service); served in America. 1778, Apr. 7, Capt., 26th Ft. 1782, Apr. 3,
Maj., 83rd Ft. (S.M., vol. 38, p. 342, vol. 40, p. 223, vol. 44, p. 335). 1783,
Apr. 17, Bt. Lt. Col. ; h.p. 1787, Sep., accompanied the Duke of Bruns-
wick to Holland, greatly assisting in the capture of Amstelveen, which won
him the Prussian Order of Military Merit then carrying with it knightly rank
in England (G.M., vol. 55, p. 1066). 1787, Dec. 25, Lt. Col., 41st Ft.
1790, returned to England ; Nov. 15, Col. in America only. 1791-2, again
served under the Duke of Brunswick. His ambition to learn his profession
thoroughly by service on the continent is expressed by him in a series of
interesting letters to Sir Robert Keith, Brit. Ambassador at Vienna, Lord
Cornwallis, Foreign Minister, and Pitt, 1783-93, preserved in British
Museum {Add. MSS. 28,063; 2^.065; 35.528 5 35.529; 35.536; 35-539;
35,540; 35,543; Chatham Papers, Bundle 139, P.R.O. : summarised by J.
M. Bulloch in Aberdeen Free Press, 1904, Sep. 15 ; and Weekly journal,
1911, Mar. II, Apr. 7). 1793, embarked with Grenadiers of the4ist Ft. for the
W. Indies and, pending arrival of the Duke of Kent from Canada, placed in
command of a brigade, particularly distinguished himself at Cas de Navire,
and capture of Martinique, and St. Lucia ; appt. Govr. of that Island, with
rank of Brig. Gen. ; tried by Court Martial for levying illegal exactions from
inhabitants of some of the French W. Indian captured islands. On the
assembly of the Court it was found that owing to several members having
died, their number had sunk below the legal minimum. A second Court
was unable to proceed for a similar reason. A third Court sentenced Gordon

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