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131. Alexander. 1696, May 28 (or 1699), Ens., ist Ft. 1703, Mar.
3, Lt. (com. renewed 1702). 1704, served at Blenheim, awarded £14 Bounty
{Dalton's Blenheim Roll ; MS.A.L., 1702, 140; 1709, 19, P.R.O.) 1705, Capt.
1 7 10, May 9, Maj. ; Jun., served at the siege of Douay, dangerously wounded.
1 7 13, h.p., Col. Leigh's Ft. 1720, Jan. 4, Maj. &. Capt., Col. Charles Otway's
(35th) Ft. 1722, Feb. 28, Lt. Col. &. Capt., 41st Ft. 1723, Feb. i, granted
" six months leave of absence to go to Montpellier for the recovery of his
health". 1729, May, 29, "four months leave to go to France". 1731,
represented to the Treasury "that the Invalids of Jersey had not been paid
since Feb. 24, for want of copper money, and desiring that the agent of the
Company may be directed to answer such bills as shall be drawn by the
proper officers there from time to time, till copper money shall be sent over " ;
Apr. 31, the Treasury decided "that neither the Invalids nor the people of
Jersey were to be distressed for want of the regular subsistence, and order
that copper money be sent, or bills taken ..." {Cal. of Treasury Bks.,
1731-41). 1741, Jul. 2, succ. Lt. Gen. Fielding as Col., 41st Invalids
{Caledonian Mercury, Jul. 2; Succession of Colonels, 1744-50). Gordon d.
1751 (Dalton's A.L.; MS. A.L, 1742-3, p. 106; 1745, p. 128; 1752, pp.
333-4. P.R.O.).
132- Alexander. 1697, Ens., Brig. Walter Collier's Ft.; Mar. 19,
burgess of Aberdeen {N.S.C. Misc., 11. (474)). One of seven regiments re-
tained at the reduction in 1698, one of six regiments serving in Holland in
1703 (Andrew Ross's Old Scottish Regimental Colours, 22, 41, 117).
133- Alexander. 1699, Mar. 6, Capt. of Laichie ; his wife, Gethrad
Abraham, and sons, George and Patrick, had sasine on the lands of Laichie
and others {Banffshire Sasincs). Possibly 2nd son of Patrick, 1129 (Bul-
loch's Gordons and Smiths at Minmore, 9).
134- Alexander. 1706, Lt., ist Ft.; Feb. ii, Lt. Col. J. Cranstoun,
writing from Bosch to Robert Cunningham, refers to Gordon's having con-
veyed to him an earlier letter, and some holland — " I addressed him to
William Elliott, the laceman, to find you out. It is now long since he went
from this, and I hope the linen has gone safe to your hands " {Portland
Papers, Hist. MSS. Com., iv. 284-5). Possibly Ens. Alexander, ist Ft.
1701, Ma\ 31, in "List of Corns, granted to Off. of the Companys added to
the regiment by Act of Parliament" (Dalton's A.L., iv. 125, 251). 1712,
Feb, 19, Capt. {ibid. \i. 64). 17 13, h.p. (Dalton's List of Offs.on h.p. in 17 14,
p. 29).
Laird of Muraik ; m. Jane Campbell, and had James George, served
his heir 1733, ^"^ Alexander Henry. 1727, May, 11, will proved in the

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