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120a. Alexander. 1640, Jun. 27, member of Covenanters' War Com-
mittee ; Sep., Capt. 1649, nominated for military command against Com-
monwealth (D.N.B.).
Eldest son of John, I. of Earlston, succeeding ; >h. Elizabeth, dau. ol
John Gordon of Murefad; d. 1654. Father of William, 1371.
120b. Alexander. 1640, Dec, Capt., Covenanting army {Minute Book
of the War Committee 0/ the Covenanters, 130).
Laird of Garlarg. Father of Alexander, of Knockbrex, Kirkcud.
120c. Alexander. 1640, Dec, Capt., Covenanting army [Minute Book,
130). Laird of Knockgray.
121. Alexander. Capt. ; 2nd son of William of Knockespock (alive
in 1642) and his wife Helen Gordon (Balbithan MS.).
122- Alexander. 1642, Oct. 23, k. at Edgehill. Eldest son of Sir
Alexander of Navidale, grandson of the 12th Earl of Sutherland (and Both-
well's divorced wife Lady Jean Gordon), and brother of John, 832; b- 1614,
Dec. 17 (Earls 0/ Sutherland, 262, 511; House of Gordon, 11. (132)).
123- Alexander, 5th Viscount of Kenmure. 1666, took the field to help
in suppressing the Pentland rising, but was ordered to return to his own dis-
trict. 1676, May 29, Capt., Wigtonsh. (Mil.) Troop of Horse ; Dec. 24, Capt.,
(Mil.) Troop of Horse formerly commanded by Lord Maxwell (S.P.
Scotland Warrant Bks., iii. 495, iv. 156, P.R.O.). 1689 Jan. 25, Col., Ken-
mure's Ft. {ibid., xiv. 430): Jul. 27, commanded "at Killiecrankie," where
many of his officers, and most of his men were cut to pieces " {Earlston MS.).
Son of William of Penninghame, and father of William, 6th Viscount.
124- Alexander. 1672, Feb. 28, H.M. Lifeguards; registration of his
bond for 107 merks Scots to Elspet Barclay, wife of James Miller; "of Tilli-
hill" {Reg. of Deeds, vol. 32). Regiment raised in 1661; disbanded in 1676.
124a. Sir Alexander, 2nd bart., of Earlston. 1679, Jun. 22, fought at
Bothwell Bridge, as a Covenanter, and escaped to Holland.
Eldest son of William, 1371 ; b. 1650 ; estates forfeited 1683, but restored
i68g; d. 1726, Nov. 11 ; had 15 children, including Hope, 662.
126- Alexander. 1687, Jun. 27, or Jul. i, 2nd Lt., Lord Dumbarton's
(ist) Ft. ; Lt., Nov., not after 1688 (Dalton's A.L., 11. 105, 131).
126- Alexander. 1689, Jul. 27, Capt. Lt., Kenmure's Ft., served at
Killiecrankie (Dalton's A.L., iii. 94). 1690, May 29, "of Kirkland," had
sasine of an annual rent of £2400, out of the lands of Arnnicneillie,
Balmaclellan, then possessed bj' James Gordon, Ens., Kenmure's Ft.
[Dumfries Sasincs, vol. 6, fol. 69); Sept. 10, signed at Edinburgh, a bond,
to Patrick Craufurd, merchant there, for ;f 50 8s. od.
127- Alexander. 1690, Capt., Col. Charles Herbert's (23rd) Ft., serving

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