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East Indies, conveyed several prisoners from Carlisle to London (Allardyce's
Hist. Papers, 6i8). Probably Robert, 1193.
34- [•..]• 1755, Oct. 5, Ens., Col. George Howard's (3rd) Ft. (1-7.0.,
A. Corns.) Cancelled {MS. A.L., 1752, P.R.O.).
35- [•■•]• '759' J^n-> Capt., R.N. Nine released Captains,
prisoners of France arrived at Plymouth (Plymouth Newspapers). " The
case of poor Captain Gordon and his ship's Company is a most deplorable
one ; the whole crew perished in the French ship they were taken in, she
being lost on some rocks near the shore, the crew who were confined in irons,
were by the French Captain called English dogs, and told they should perish
as such, and would not suffer a man to let them out " (Gomer Williams's
Liverpool Privateers, 168).
36- [•••]• 1760, Dec. 20, Ens., 25th Ft. {A.L., 1762). 1762, name
erased in MS. VV.O., A.L., P.R.O.
37- [•■•]• 1762, Commiss. of Stores and Provisions, at Grand Terre,
Fort George, Louisiana, 3/- a day. 1763, Off. of one of the Garrisons in the
Plantations (A.L., 1762-4).
38- [■••]• i777i Lt., fought against the French in St. Vincent,
gallantly defending his post at Colonaire, till overpowered by superior num-
bers (Shepherd's Hist, of St. Vincent).
39. [...]. 1778, Ens., 99th Wilts. Mil. (J. Almon's List of Officers
of the Mil. of England and Wales, 1778, 26).
40- [•••]• 1779) Jan., Capt., possibly H.E.LC.S., Bombay. An ex-
pedition was despatched across the Ghats, against Poonah, under Gen. James
Hartley, Cols. Egerton and Cockburn, on behalf of Ragobah, England's
claimant to the dynasty (first Mahratta war, 1775-82) against the Mahrattas
under Mahadagie Scindia, Hurry Punt, Phurkay and Tookagee Holkar : —
The English reached Tullygaom, 18 miles from Poonah, but John Carnac, Civil Commis-
sioner with the Army, becoming alarmed at the increasing numbers of the Mahrattas, in spite
of earnest remonstrance from Ragobah, Jan. 11, determined on a retreat. Hartley strongly
resisted this, but was overruled. That night the heavy guns having been thrown into a large
tank and a quantity of stores burned, an army of 2600 British troops began its retreat, secretly,
as was supposed, before 50,000 Mahrattas. They had not made a single march, before . . .
they were discovered; Jan. r2, at 2 a.m. Capt. Gordon was fired upon by a party of horse ;
... at daylight . . . they were completely surrounded. . . . During the engagement that
followed at the village of Wurgaom, 56 men were killed, 151 wounded, and 155 missing,
supposed to be desertion. Among the killed and wounded were rs European officers (Henry
Beveridge's Hist, of India, 11. 450).
41. [...]. 1780, Apr. 25, Ens., W. Norfolk Mil. {A.L., 1782).
42- [•■•]• 1781, Feb. 23, Col., of Bevennie ; pre-deceased his son.

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