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(81) [Page 1] - Gordons in the British and Indian Services

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(81) [Page 1] - Gordons in the British and Indian Services
1. [...]. Col., probably H.E.I.C.S. ; "served 30 years in India
. . . met with his death through an accident on the eve of his return to
Europe" (Pryse Lockhart Gordon's Memoirs, 1, 35). Brother of Rev.
Harry, 617 ; possibly James, 730-
2. [...]. Capt. ; his dau. Janet ni. Hew McCormack of Cartwilling,
Belfast. Son of 12.
3. [...]. 1608, May I, Lt., k. in connection with the attack made
by Sir Cahir O'Dogherty, Lord of Inishaven (1587-1608) who, when insulted
by Sir George Paulett, gov. of Derry, advanced on Derry at 2 a.m. Tuesday
1608, Apr. 19, with scarcely 100 men : —
They divided at the bogside, Paulett attacking the lower forts, and Phelim Reagh under-
taking the Governor's house on the high ground. Paulett escaped into Ens. Corbett's
house, where a short stand was made. Corbett wounded Reagh, but was struck down from
behind ; his wife killed the man who had struck the fatal blow and was herself slain.
Paulett fell by the hand of Owen O'Dogherty. Lt. Gordon jumped from his bed, seized
a rapier and dagger and ran out, killing two of the assailants, and calling upon the soldiers to
fight for their lives. He was overpowered and killed (Richard Bagwell's Ireland under the
Stuarts, I. 52).
4. [...]. 1644, Col., Scottish Army (List of Regiments and Chief
Officers of the Scottish Army, quartered near Newcastle in 1644, printed for
Robert Bostock and Samuel Gellibrand, St. Paul's Churchyard).
5. [...]. 1645, May 9, Capt. Lt., one of the 14th Earl of Suther-
land's officers, captured at Auldearn, shortly afterwards released by Lord
Aboyne whose prisoner he was. " Of Brora" [Earls of Sutherland, 525).
6. [•••]• 1648, Col., (" Gourden ") had a command in Suffolk's
forces at the siege of Colchester, Jun.-Aug. He and his fellow colonels were
" persuaded to quit their passes at Stratford and Nayland — where at first
they pretended only the securing of their owne countie — and take their postes
among the beseegers " {Beaufort Papers : Hist. MSS. Com. p. 26).
7- [...]. 1650, Apr. 27, Col., k. at Carbisdell, Invercarron, Ross-

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